Find 3Ware Raid Controller Model Number, Serial Number and Firmware

Sometimes you don’t always have time to find the serial number or model number on the Raid card itself. And you probably have gotten rid of the retail box. Below are instructions on how to find the full model number and serial number for a 3Ware Raid Card.

3Ware Raid Controller Model, Serial Number and Firmware

Some instructions apply to other models/brands. One reason for needing this is for creating a support ticket with LSI.

MODEL NUMBER – 3Ware Raid Controller Card

The partial model number is listed in Device Manager.

Step 1

To find the full model number, right click on the device in device manager and go to properties.

Step 2

Go to the “Details” tab and in the drop-down select “Bus Relations.” You should then see the full model number listing. In this example it is the AMCC 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML.


You can also use the twcli utility mentioned below to find the model number by typing the following based upon the number of your controller.

[vb]/c0 show model[/vb]


To find the serial number, you will need to have the 3Ware TWCLI Raid monitoring utility. You can download it from LSI’s website:

Step 1

Launch the twcli utility.

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Step 2

Then type the following based upon the controller number, most likely it is 0 or 1 :

[vb]/c0 show serial[/vb]


[vb]/c1 show serial[/vb]

It will then display the serial number of the card.


To find the current firmware, an easy way is simply to launch 3Ware’s 3wUpdate utility.


You can also obtain it via the twcli utility by typing the following below based upon your controller number.

[vb]/c0 show firmware[/vb]

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