Failed to Obtain IP Address on Android Devices

You may encounter problems when obtaining an IP address on any Android device. In this article we will tell why Android could be failed to obtain IP address when connecting to the Wi-Fi network and what you can do in this case.

Suppose you connect to your Wi-Fi network, specify a password and wait for your Android device to receive an IP address from your Wi-Fi router and then you can access Internet over Wi-Fi connection.

However, for some reason, your Android device cannot obtain an IP address, displaying messages like:

  • Failed to obtain IP address…
  • Obtaining IP address…
  • Obtaining IP address from…
  • Connecting…

Accordingly, you cannot connect to the Internet and use most of your apps.

failed to obtain IP address

If Android cannot get an IP address, it automatically disconnects from this wireless network, and then reconnects it. And such attempts are repeated until an IP address is received.

There are several main reasons why your Android device cannot get an IP address:

  • Error on Wi-Fi router or phone;
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal or interferences;
  • Wireless security settings on your router or MAC filtering using the Blacklist (Whitelist);
  • IP addresses conflict among the clients of your Wi-Fi router or incorrect IP address settings on your device.
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Solution 1. Reboot your WiFi router and Android device

Before proceeding with the following methods, first try to restart your Wi-Fi router and Android device—sometimes it helps to quickly solve the problem of obtaining an IP address.

Solution 2. Forget and reconnect to WiFi Network

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi (WLAN) > select your Wi-Fi network > tap “Forget network”.

failed to obtain IP address android

Refresh the available wireless network list and reconnect your Wi-Fi network.

Solution 3. Poor Wi-Fi signal

Try to reduce the distance between your Wi-Fi router and your Android device. If the router and the Android device are far away from each other, you may experience a loop (stuck) when getting an IP address. The fact is that the wireless transmitter of the router is much more powerful than on your Android device. Thus, the router signal reaches your smartphone or tablet, but the answer does not reach the router. As a result, it seems to you that your Android device sees a Wi-Fi network, but cannot connect to it and get an IP address.

If there are a large number of other Wi-Fi networks around you, they can interfere with your router. Try to find the best wireless channel for your router using the WiFi Analyzer app and specify different Wi-Fi channel in the settings of your AP (router).

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Solution 4. Check your Wi-Fi router security settings

Some Android devices do not work correctly with some WPA encryption methods or AES encryption. Open your router Web management interface and find section named something like Security or WLAN.

Check your encryption mode try to change it from AES to (TKIP+AES) or vice versa TKIP > AES (after that in the settings of your device tap on Forget network and then reconnect).

failed to obtain IP address android device

On some routers, for security reasons, the MAC filtering option may be enabled. Try to disable this option (Wireless > Wireless MAC Filter Configuration > Enable MAC filter > Disable).

failed to obtain IP address on android device

Solution 5. Assign a static IP address on your Android device

This solution does not always work, but you should try if you suspect that there are an IP address conflict in your Wi-Fi network or the DHCP server on the router is not working properly (in this case, you should know the IP address on your Wi-Fi network).

  1. Go to the Settings > Wi-Fi (WLAN) > Enable WiFi;
  2. Find your wireless network > Modify Network > check the option Show advanced options > Change IP settings from DHCP to Static;
  3. In the IP address field specify your IP network address. As a rule it is 192.168.1.x. Change the last octet with any number from 100 to 255;
    fix failed to obtain IP address
  4. Try reconnecting your Wi-Fi network.
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