Enable Spotify Web Player on Your Surface RT

Many of you may already know that Spotify has a web player in the works, and I’ve heard that some people are able to use it already without any trouble. For the rest of us, paying a visit to simply redirects you to Spotify’s home page. Apparently, this means that your account isn’t activated to make use of the web player. Luckily, there is a way to enable this web player for your Spotify account right now! Spotify has yet to release a Windows 10 App, so this is nice to have in the mean time, especially for those of you who are using a Surface RT, or another Windows RT device.

Spotify – Disclaimer

Before we start, just be aware that to make use of the web player with your Spotify account, you must have your Spotify linked to your Facebook account. As long as you are ok with having those accounts linked, please read on.

Step 1

Click on this link to enable the Spotify web player for your account. You will be redirected to Facebook for a moment, and then you will be pushed to the Spotify web player. It may hang at the first loading screen the first time you reach the web player. If this happens, just click the ‘Please click here’ link.

Step 2

You should see the Spotify web player login screen at this point. Go ahead and login, preferably with your Facebook account, since it has to be linked for this to work anyway. That’s it, you have now enabled the Spotify web player for your account!

Step 3

Just a heads up and some more explanation on what is happening here. When you click on that specific link and go through Facebook to enable the Spotify web player, specific cookies are being set locally on your computer to make sure going to does not redirect you away from the web player. This means that enabling the web player in this way is specific to the browser your working in. You will have to do this for each browser you want the web player to work in. Also, if you clear your cookies for any reason, you may have to re-enable to web player again. Hopefully Spotify brings this player out from behind the curtains sometime soon, but for now, this is a pretty simple work around.

Wrap Up

It may not be as fluid as a native application, but I’ve enjoyed having access to my Spotify collection on my Surface RT. I would hope that a Windows 8 App is coming down the line, as Spotify recently released a Windows Phone 8 App which works pretty well. For the time being, crank up those playlists!

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