Exclude Notes From Archiving in Office 365

Are your notes suddenly disappearing in Office 365? That’s probably because you have enabled archiving in the Exchange Admin center with a retention policy set.

Don’t Archive Notes

The good news is there is an easy way to allow your users to mark the notes folder not to archive.

Step 1

In the Exchange Admin Center, browse to Compliance Management and then to Retention Tags.

exclude notes from archiving office 365

Step 2

Add a retention tag of “Personal Never Move to Archive.”

outlook notes archive

Step 3

Now for the user, go to your Settings and into Options under OWA.

where are notes in office 365

Step 4

You can then add the “Personal never move to archive” tag.

outlook 365 notes disappeared

Step 5

Now back in your inbox, right click on the “Notes” folder and you can assign that new policy.

outlook notes missing after migration to office 365

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