Exclude Notes From Archiving in Office 365

Are your notes suddenly disappearing in Office 365? That’s probably because you have enabled archiving in the Exchange Admin center with a retention policy set.

Don’t Archive Notes

The good news is there is an easy way to allow your users to mark the notes folder not to archive.

Step 1

In the Exchange Admin Center, browse to Compliance Management and then to Retention Tags.

exclude notes from archiving office 365


Step 2

Add a retention tag of “Personal Never Move to Archive.”

outlook notes archive

Step 3

Now for the user, go to your Settings and into Options under OWA.

where are notes in office 365

Step 4

You can then add the “Personal never move to archive” tag.

outlook 365 notes disappeared

Step 5

Now back in your inbox, right click on the “Notes” folder and you can assign that new policy.

outlook notes missing after migration to office 365

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  1. When you add a retention tag of “Personal Never Move to Archive” does it apply to all users so then you would have to set retention policies on every folder for every user?

  2. every time I look for a note it’s been moved to Online Archive which dooesn’t synch to my phone so I have to move it back to the main Notes folder and then I end up with multiple copies of the same notes. It’s just completely unclear how things are working and frustrating

  3. ….yeah….NO, this doesn’t work. That option doesn’t exist when Notes is right-clicked. Next try please….This problem begs a solution….

  4. It didn’t show up for me at first either, I had to go into options, retention policies, see the list. Then go back to inbox and refresh. Once I did so the options for different archive options appeared. Before then it only showed “Use Parent Folder Settings”

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