Disconnected User Mailbox or Room Mailbox Not Showing Up in Exchange Console

Ran across a problem after disabling a room mailbox, it didn’t show up in the Exchange Management Console. This applies to both User Mailboxes and Room Mailboxes. Perhaps you disabled a mailbox by accident, or you don’t have time to wait for the Exchange cache to expire and you need to see/re-enable the mailbox right away. Follow the instructions below. These apply to Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010.

Disconnected User Mailbox or Room Mailbox

Step 1

Launch the Exchange Management Console and under Recipient Configuration, click into “Disconnected Mailbox” and verify that it isn’t showing up in that list.


Step 2

Launch Exchange Management Shell.


Step 3

We are going to run a small cleanup command in Powershell.

Use the Clean-MailboxDatabase cmdlet to scan Active Directory for disconnected mailboxes that aren’t yet marked as disconnected in the Microsoft Exchange store and update the status of those mailboxes in the Exchange store. This cmdlet isn’t able to update the Exchange store unless the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and the database is mounted.


Copy the command below:

[vb]Clean-MailboxDatabase "mailbox-database"[/vb]

The mailbox-database corresponds with the Exchange Database that your mailbox is stored in. In my example it is in the “Resources” database.


Step 4

After running the command above, refresh the Exchange Management Console and you should now see the disconnected user mailbox or room mailbox.

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