Configure HP Procurve 1700/1800 Switch

This is a short tutorial on how to configure a HP ProCurve 1700/1800 Managed Switch from scratch.

Configure a HP ProCurve 1700/1800 Managed Switch

Step 1

First, you need to know that the default IP for the 1700/1800 switches is: (If you are hooking this up in a business network you will most likely need to copy down the MAC address off of the bottom and register it with your DHCP server to receive the IP you need it to.)

Step 2

I will be showing you how to configure it manually with an IP address of your choice. The easiest way to first connect to the switch is to connect to it with a laptop. Hook up an ethernet cable to your laptop and then to the feed port (port #8) on the procurve switch.

Step 3

Change your IP on the laptop to something within the same subnet so that you can reach the switch. For example, if you set a manual IP of that would at least allow you to ping the switch and reach it in your browser by the IP.

HP Procurve 1700/1800 Switch

Step 4

By default the administrator password is blank, so just go ahead and click the “Login” button.

HP Procurve 1700/1800 Switch

Step 5

Once in the switch management page I would suggest setting your Admin password. Then you can setup your VLANs, assign an IP Address, etc. Be careful, if you get the IP address wrong you might end up not being able to reach the switch and you would end up having to reset your switch. See my article on resetting the procurve switch above.

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HP Procurve 1700/1800 Switch

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