How to Change Font Size for App on iPhone?

Apple’s operating systems have always been known for solid accessibility. With the release of iOS 15, Apple continues improving on that front. While previously users could change the font size on iPhone and iPad globally, in iOS 15, you can set a different font size for specific apps. That will be convenient when you do not like how the default font size looks and feels in a particular app, and you would like to make it smaller or bigger.

Here is how to change the font size for individual apps on iPhone and iPad.

Change the Font Size for Apps in iOS

Note that this manual applies to iPhones and iPads running iOS/iPadOS 15. The latest version of iOS supports the original iPhone SE / iPhone 6S and newer, iPad Air 2 / iPad mini 4 Gen or better, and iPod Touch 7 Gen. In other words, all iOS 14-compatible devices can run iOS 15. If you do not want or cannot install iOS 15, the only way to change the font in individual apps is to jailbreak your device (unless developers allow changing the font size specifically in their apps).

Changing the Font for Specific Apps: How it Works in iOS 15?

In iOS and iPadOS 15, Apple added a new button to the control center. It allows changing fonts system-wide or in specific apps.

  1. Open Settings and tap “Control Center.”
  2. Scroll down to the “More Controls” section and find the “Text Size” option.  how to change font size on iphone
  3. Tap a green button with a plus icon.
  4. You can also change the control position by dragging the three-line button. how to make text bigger on iphone
  5. Open the app for which you want to change the font size. Pull down the control center and tap the “aA” button. how to increase font size on iphone
  6. Switch the control below a font slider from “All Apps” to “App Only.” font size iphone
  7. Drag the font slider to set a new font size for your app. While dragging, you can see a preview above the slider.
  8. Dismiss the control center to see the changes in action. how to change text size on iphone

Note that the font size range may vary from app to app. Some apps can let you set bigger fonts compared to the default system font.

Restore the Default Font Size in Specific Apps

If you decided to restore the default font size in an individual app on iPhone, do the following:

  1. Open the app you need.
  2. Open the control center and tap the “aA” button.
  3. Move the slider down to the default system value.
  4. Close the control center.
  5. Alternatively, you can move the switcher from “App Only” to “All Apps,” but that action will increase the font size everywhere.

Now you know how to change the font size for individual apps in iOS 15.

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