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Activate Windows with KMS server

If you’ve installed your Windows with an MAK product key and now want to change it to KMS or installed a clean OS (never activated), and need to activate your Windows copy on the corporate KMS server, this guide will definitely help you. The Difference Between MAK and KMS

Fix Trust relationship failed issue without domain rejoining

In this article, we will discuss the causes of Trust relationship failed error and some solutions on how to restore secure channel between the workstation and the Active Directory domain. In what case we can get this error? For example, when a user is trying to login to workstation

Active Directory Groups Types

The Active Directory groups is a collection of Active Directory objects. The group can include users, computers, other groups and other AD objects. The administrator manages the group as a single object. In Windows there are 7 types of groups: two domain groups types with three scope in each

How to Configure Edge GPO Settings?

In Windows 10 Microsoft introduced its new default web-browser Microsoft Edge. Let’s try to figure out how to centrally manage Microsoft Edge GPO settings in the enterprise Active Directory domain environment. If you open the Local Group Policy Editor console (gpedit.msc) on the current branch Windows 10 1903, then

ADSI Edit: How to View and Change Active Directory Object Properties?

The ADSI Edit tool (Active Directory Service Interface Editor) is a special mmc snap-in that allows you to connect to various Active Directory database partitions (NTDS.dit) or to the LDAP server. The ADSI Edit tool allows you to create, modify, and delete objects in Active Directory, perform searches, and

How to Delete AD User Using PowerShell?

You can remove user objects from an Active Directory domain by using the Remove-ADUser PowerShell cmdlet. This cmdlet is a part of the ActiveDirectory Module for Windows PowerShell, which must be pre-installed and imported into the PoSh session with the command: Import-Module activedirectory The syntax of the Remove-ADUser cmdlet

How to Setup FTP Server in Windows 10?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a popular Internet data transfer protocol. You can use FTP to transfer files between a remote server and a local PC. FTP is often used by website administrators in order to upload and download files to their web-hosting servers. FTP protocol is implemented according

How to Install Active Directory Certificate Services?

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) is a very convenient and useful cerise in a domain network. AD CS allows you to issue and manage SSL and other certificates within your domain. You can use your own free certificates for Exchange servers, IIS, RDSH farms, etc. In this article,

FSMO Role: Schema Master

Schema Master is another FSMO domain controller role which is responsible for making changes to the Active Directory schema. The schema stores descriptions of all Active Directory classes and attributes. The schema partition is exists on all DCs, its named “schema naming context” and located in LDAP://cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=<domain>. Domain administrators

How to Change Account Lockout Policy in AD?

The account lockout policy in the Active Directory domain allows you to automatically lock user account if an attempt has been made to brute-force a user password. An AD domain admin can configure account locking policies using Group Policy (GPO). By default, you can create only one password and