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How to Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu?

The well-known video card manufacturer Nvidia successfully supports GNU/Linux distributions. Of course, a significant drawback of such drivers is the closed source code, which makes it impossible to fully understand what is really going on inside this software. However, video cards in GNU/Linux work quite stably and on free

How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu?

Content management systems today are extremely useful tools for creating sites. One such system is WordPress. It gained its popularity due to its simplicity and ease of use. This article describes how to install WordPress on Ubuntu. Apache Installation In order for WordPress to be visible on the Internet,

How to Install GUI on Ubuntu Server?

The Ubuntu Server distribution kit is an excellent choice for server tasks due to appropriate optimization, including the absence of unnecessary ones and the presence of the necessary software components by default. But far from always the load on the server stably reaches the limits of its capabilities, and

Ubuntu Update Command

Keeping your operating system fresh and safe is a priority in PC administration. Distributions often differ in the concept of receiving updates: someone releases global patches through the software package once a year, and someone makes minor improvements every two to three weeks without having to reinstall the OS.

How to Install GIT on Ubuntu and Other GNU/Linux Systems?

GIT is a service that facilitates the work of updating various information on a remote server, also by different people. And this is not only about software development, but also, for example, storing and synchronizing passwords of the Password Store program. With this version control system, it’s easier to

How to Install deb and rpm Files and Their Management Systems on Ubuntu?

GNU/Linux software package management is quite diverse. This is, of course, related to the different architecture of the operating systems. Somewhere there are installation files with a specific extension (like .exe or .msi in Windows), and somewhere installation takes place directly from the source. This article will discuss how

How to Fix Unable to Lock the Administration Directory Error on Ubuntu?

At the beginning of their administrative journey, GNU users are faced with various errors and problems that cannot always be resolved from the first try. Especially if they didn’t understand what the problem was. This article discusses how to fix an error Unable to lock the administration directory in