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How to Choose Network-Attached Storage (NAS) for Small Office?

The main difference between NAS (Network Attached Storage) and the file server is that NAS hardware platform and built-in operating system are optimized for disk management and data storage with constant exchange with the network. In case the employees of your company engaged in photo production, managing and storing

Choosing Power Supply Unit (PSU) for Your PC

Power supply unit (PSU) is one of the most important component of the computer, but perhaps the least thoroughly studied when building a PC. The poor quality of the power supply can also become a headache in the future. When the power supply cannot cope, it’s not always obvious

How to Choose CPU Cooler That Suits Best for Your PC?

Times when processors consumed about 100 watts or even more are gradually disappearing into the past. New technologies of chip production allow to reduce the consumption and heating of the CPU significantly, and as known some mobile processors sometimes functioning completely without a cooler. However, in the desktop segment,

Choosing RAM for PC: Purchasing Guide

RAM is like a «gateway» between slow hard drive and fast processor. It has a much higher data transfer rate than a solid-state drive, so the operating system loads into the RAM from the hard disk, as well as frequently used programs. And the speed of the programs and

Choose the Right Hard Disk Drive for Your Servers

In this article we will consider the basic types of hard drives for servers: how they differ and whether they should be necessarily from the server manufacturer’s brand. Server hard drive should be always ready to respond to many requests with minimal latency and to provide a high level

How to Choose External Hard Drive?

Today we will take a closer look on how to choose the external hard drive for your computer, laptop or tablet. We’ll explain basic things that will help you to make the correct choice and according to your needs. Understanding of which external hard drive is better for your

Notes about USB Extender over Twisted Pair (UTP)

Recently we had a rather interesting device in our hands: active USB extender (or USB RJ45 Extension adapter). At the same time, the seller promised that we will have an opportunity to extend the cable and connect USB devices to computer at distances up to 150ft (45 meters) with the help

How to Choose Server for Small Business?

In this tutorial we will clarify key points that will help you to determine what type of server is the best solution for small business and give a price range for typical server models. Server Basics Although a small server can’t be different from the modern desktop computer, both

What’s the difference between AMD and INTEL processors?

Since you are reading this article, we are sure that you know the basics about a processor and its purpose in a computer. But as a short reminder — a processor is a circuitry which is responsible for performing control, logical, arithmetic and input-output operations in a computer as