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Failed to Obtain IP Address on Android Devices

You may encounter problems when obtaining an IP address on any Android device. In this article we will tell why Android could be failed to obtain IP address when connecting to the Wi-Fi network and what you can do in this case. Suppose you connect to your Wi-Fi network,

How to Fix an Error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Android Devices?

The error “This webpage is not available: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” on Android devices can appear both in the Google Chrome browser and in the Google Play Store app or in 3-rd party applications (this error can also appear on other operating systems with the Google Chrome browser, for example in Windows

Top Android Emulators for Windows 10

The most common mobile operating system in the world is Android, a huge number of applications and games is specially developed for Android. However, many users of Android devices have computers running Windows 10 and want to run favorite Android apps and games in Windows environment. In this case

Developer options: 10 Hidden Android Features

Android is an advanced customizable operating system that gives you a complete control of your own device and you can control it from how the device performs to how does it look like. But there is also a set of hidden options and Android settings targeted on advanced users

Avoid Google backup restore – Android

For anyone that owns an Android smartphone, you probably know that Google has made it easy to backup your data such as installed applications and system settings. Avoid Google Backup All you have to do is check the box to backup your data when you are first setting up