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How to Install Docker on Ubuntu?

Nowadays software portability has become increasingly relevant. The architecture of computers and operating systems is constantly evolving; applications become larger in every sense. It often happens when administrator needs to transfer the program to another machine without installing and configuring it from scratch. For these purposes, a special software

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Last time Microsoft has been actively involved in supporting the Linux kernel and GNU software components. It all started with financial assistance, and now in Windows 10 there is an opportunity to install the GNU/Linux distribution. In this article we will show you how to enable Windows subsystem for

How to Use Bash Sort Command?

One of the most useful commands in Bash — sort — is also one of the most underrated. It is engaged in sorting incoming data (whether it is a file or terminal output stream) with the possibility of orienting by numbers or alphabet. With many options available, sort greatly

Linux Alias Command

The GNU/Linux terminal (namely, the Bash shell) copes with the tasks of automated system management. A user is good enough to know the shell commands to describe all the instructions in advance. Often, command aliases are used to simplify operations (not necessarily automated). This is what will be discussed

Using Chown and Chmod Commands on Linux

Managing access to files in GNU/Linux distributions is a basic procedure in the administration process. The chown and chmod commands are closely related and directly determine who is allowed to manipulate objects and how deeply. These utilities work in the terminal, but also many file managers provide the possibility

Complete Arch Linux Install Guide

Among the wide variety of GNU/Linux distributions, there is one that combines almost all advantages and disadvantages of these systems (of course, there are more advantages). It’s about Arch Linux. Developers still following their original principle that the system should be as simple and functional as possible. New GNU/Linux

How to Check Network Usage on Linux?

GNU/Linux system administrator involved into a huge number of tasks. The most significant of these include checking the OS’s network usage. GNU/Linux has many tools that allow you to monitor and analyze the network of both the desktop PC and the corporate server. Such tools are presented with a

How to Use ntpdate to Sync Time in Linux?

Ntpdate is a console utility that can be used as an NTP client in various Linux distros to synchronize the local time of a host with the global time on an NTP server. Installing ntpdate Utility in Linux The ntpdate command is not installed by default in most Linux

How to Reset Root Password in MySQL and MariaDB?

In older versions of MySQL, if you forgot or lost the root password for MySQL, you could view the current password in the my.cnf file. In modern versions of MySQL and MariaDB this trick won’t work. Let’s take a look at how to reset the root password on MySQL

Configuring SSH Key-Based Authentication on Linux

The Internet is full of manuals on how to configure the SSH key-based authentication on a Linux server. Every time we have to do this, we were searching for additional information, because we always forget some nuances. At this time, we decided to write instruction for us and for