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Fn Key not Working Properly on Windows 10 Laptop

Most laptops have a separate Fn key, which usually performs a specific to particular laptop actions (including Wi-Fi on/off, change the screen brightness etc) in combination with the keys in the top row of keyboard (F1 – F12). A common laptop owners problem (especially after updating the system or

How to Speed up your Windows 10 Computer/PC/Laptop Tips

Hello everyone! Here is one more tutorial on how to improve your gaming performance on Windows 10 – it’s easy and absolutely free. Step 1: Adjust your Power settings Let’s get started by adjust of your Power settings. Move your cursor down to the Windows 10 Task bar, take

Laptop Recycling Project: Turn Your Old Laptop Screen into a Working Monitor

So you have an old laptop lying around that you just can’t bear to part with. It’s too underpowered for you to do anything remotely useful with it, plus its battery is already busted. What can you do with this thing to make it useful again? Turn Your Old