Fix: Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10 Laptop

Many users using Bluetooth to transfer files, connect wireless mouse, keyboard or speakers. However, what to do if unexpectedly Bluetooth stopped working on your Windows 10 laptop? In this article, we’ll take a look at the basic ways to restore the Bluetooth adapter correct functioning when facing Bluetooth is not working on Windows 10 machine.

The problem can be manifested in different ways: some Bluetooth functions may not work, the Bluetooth module may not turn on, there are errors with the adapter in the device manager, or the wireless driver is not installed.

At first open the Device Manager (press the Win + R keys on the keyboard and enter devmgmt.msc) and find the Bluetooth section in the list of device classes.

If there are Bluetooth devices in the list, but there is a yellow exclamation point next to the Bluetooth device, or the devices are called Generic Bluetooth Adapter and/or Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator, then most likely you need to download and install the driver for your adapter model.


bluetooth not working

In case you’ve found your Bluetooth device in the list, but its icon has a label with the down arrow – then this device is disabled. Right-click on it and select Enable.

windows 10 bluetooth not working

If your Bluetooth device is not listed, it means that the adapter is physically disabled, not enabled in the BIOS or UEFI or completely broken.

Check if the Bluetooth module is enabled on your hardware settings. To do this, restart the laptop and enter the BIOS/UEFI settings. In different versions of the BIOS, Bluetooth settings can be found in different menus. Find an option associated with the Bluetooth adapter and make sure it’s turned on. In our case, the item is located in the Onboard Device Configuration section (you can also check the Wireless and Built-in Device Options sections). Switch the Onboard Bluetooth (Bluetooth) device option to Enabled state.

bluetooth not working windows 10

You can enable or disable the Bluetooth module on most laptops using a separate button, or by using the function key (Fn) and the key in the upper keyboard row. The button should have a Bluetooth icon (usually the F3 key). Check if you have Bluetooth on and off in Airplane mode (in this mode, all wireless devices are turned off).

If the function keys don’t work, most likely special drivers and/or program from laptop vendor is not installed on your laptop.

Then in Windows 10, click on the notification center icon and turn on Bluetooth by pressing the button. Here, also check if the Airplane mode is not enabled.

bluetooth not working laptop windows 10

On many laptop models, you can enable or disable the Bluetooth module and the “Airplane mode” using various utilities. Below is a list of popular laptop vendors and the names of utilities for managing wireless devices:

  • Lenovo: on Lenovo laptops the utility is a part of Lenovo Energy Manager and runs using Fn + F5 keys;
  • HP: HP Wireless Assistant;
  • Acer: Quick Access;
  • Dell: Bluetooth management is built into the Windows Mobility Center;
  • Asus:Wireless Console, ASUS Wireless Radio Control or Wireless Switch.

The most common problem with Bluetooth devices in Windows 10 is related to the device drivers. In most cases, the problem can be solved by downloading and installing the Bluetooth driver from the official site of the manufacturer of your laptop model. Installing the driver will also help you to solve the problem with the Bluetooth adapter if you have at least one unknown device in the device manager (in the Other Devices section). Also you can try to update the Bluetooth driver automatically.

bluetooth not working on windows 10

Some useful tips:

  • If Bluetooth stops working unexpectedly, try to rollback the Bluetooth driver to the earlier driver version in the Device Manager console;
  • On some laptops for correct Bluetooth functioning, you need to install the original chipset and power management drivers.
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