Avoid Google backup restore – Android

For anyone that owns an Android smartphone, you probably know that Google has made it easy to backup your data such as installed applications and system settings.

Avoid Google Backup

All you have to do is check the box to backup your data when you are first setting up your Google account on your phone. However, sometimes you just want to start off fresh, without having the backup automatically pushed straight to your phone. These steps will show you how to avoid the auto-restore feature whether you’re doing a factory reset or installing a new custom rom if your phone is rooted. (Done on the original Droid 1)

Step 1

After you have done a factory reset or installed a new rom, continue to go through the setup process on your phone until you reach the screen to sign in with your Google account.  Once you reach this screen, choose to skip this screen which is the last option.  This will bypass the setup and get you straight to your home screen.

Step 2

Navigate to your system settings by pressing the menu button and selecting the ‘Settings’ option.  Scroll down and select the ‘Privacy’ menu.

Step 3

Once you are on this screen, you will see to check boxes under the ‘Backup and Restore” category.  These both need to be unchecked.  So first, check the box next to ‘Back up my data’ which will unlock the ‘Automatic restore’ option.  Go ahead and uncheck the box next to ‘Automatic restore’ and then continue to now uncheck the box next to ‘Back up my data’.  Select ‘OK’ at the prompt to stop backing up your data on Google servers.


Step 4

Now that you have stopped the Google backup from automatically restoring, you can now setup your Google Account on your phone.  Go back to the ‘Settings’ menu and proceed to the ‘Accounts and sync’ option.  Select ‘Add account’ at the bottom of the screen, choose ‘Google’, and now you are back where you started.  You can now choose to either create or sign in to your Google account and enjoy a fresh start!

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