Automatically Accept Meeting Requests in Microsoft Outlook

Sometimes, users need to configure Outlook to automatically accept incoming meeting requests. When a user receives a meeting request Outlook automatically accepts the request and sends a response to the sender. Follow the instructions below to learn how to automatically accept meeting requests and remove canceled meetings. This instruction covers the most recent versions of Outlook from 2010 up to 2019. Here, you will find how to automatically accept meeting requests in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019.

Tip. When you enable the automatic meeting request to accept feature in Outlook, you need to carefully plan your working hours a Calendar. If you have an unplanned time in your calendar, Outlook will consider it as “available” and accept all meeting requests for that time.

By the way, this article will be useful if you want to do the opposite – to automatically decline meeting requests in Outlook. All you need to do is to place an additional checkmark.

Automatically accept meeting requests in Microsoft Outlook 2010

For your information. Microsoft Office 2010 and Outlook 2010 will reach the end of extended support on October 13, 2020. This means you will no longer receive security updates and vulnerabilities patches. For the sake of your security, we recommend you upgrade to newer versions of Office. For example, Office 2016 or Office 2019.

Here is how to configure Outlook 2010 so it automatically accepts all incoming meeting requests.

  1. In the upper-right corner, click File and select Options. This launches Outlook’s settings section. outlook auto accept meetings
  2. Click on Calendar in the left sidebar, scroll down and locate the Resource Scheduling section. Press the Resource Scheduling button. auto accept meetings outlook
  3. In the new window, place a checkmark next to the Automatically accept meeting requests and remove canceled meetings. Press Ok to save the changes. automatically accept calendar invites outlook
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How to enable automatic meeting requests to accept in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

For your information: configuring Outlook to automatically accept meeting requests is almost 100% the same in all the most recent versions. The only difference is slight changes in the user interface, which is why we cover every version in a different section of the article.

  1. Just like with Outlook 2010, locate the File button in the upper-left corner of Outlook’s main window. What you need to find is the Options button. Click it. outlook automatically accept meeting
  2. Again, locate the Calendar section in the left sidebar. Notice, that the button has a different name. In Outlook 2013 and 2016, it is called Auto Accept/Decline which is more intuitive and understanding comparing to somewhat confusing the Resource Scheduling button in Outlook 2010. outlook auto accept meeting from specific person
  3. Next, check the box next to the Automatically accept meeting requests and remove canceled meetings and click Ok. outlook calendar auto accept

How to configure Outlook 2019 to automatically accept meetings requests

Outlook 2019, which is the most recent Outlook version by the time of writing this article, has a slightly different user interface. Still, the main idea remains the same.

  1. Press the File button, and then the Options button. outlook automatically accept meeting requests
  2. Click on Calendar and scroll down to locate the Automatic accept or decline section. Press the Auto Accept/Decline button. outlook automatic accept meeting requests
  3. Place a checkmark next to the Automatically accept meeting requests and remove the canceled meetings button and click Ok. auto accept calendar invites

How to Automatically Accept Meeting Requests from a Specific Person in Outlook?

If you want Outlook to automatically accept meeting requests from a specific email address or person, use the Outlook rules and VBA script (macro). Unfortunately, Outlook still has no built-in tools to automatically accept meeting requests from a specific person or contact.

For your information. This section applies to Outlook 2010 and newer with no differences. It is the same no matter which Outlook version you are running–2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019.

Before you start, consider the following limitations:

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An e-mail account that receives the meeting request must be set as the default account in your Outlook profile. Also, these rules only work in Outlook and they do not apply to OWA.

  1. Press Alt + F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.
  2. In the left pane, expand Project1 > Microsoft Outlook Objects and select ThisOutlookSession.
  3. Copy and paste the following VBA code in the right window:
    Sub AutoAcceptMeeting(metRequest As MeetingItem)
    If metRequest.MessageClass <> "IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request" Then
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Dim metAppt As AppointmentItem
    Set metAppt = metRequest.GetAssociatedAppointment(True)
    Dim metResponse
    Set metResponse = metAppt.Respond(olMeetingAccepted, True)
    End Sub

    auto accept outlook calendar invites

  4. Save the VBA project using Ctrl + S shortcut, and close the editor window with Alt + Q.
  5. Now, create a new rule in Outlook. Right-click a mail in your inbox and select Rules > New rule. how to auto accept meetings in outlook You need to right-click the mail from a person you want to automatically accept meeting requests in Outlook.
  6. In a new window, press Advanced Options. turn off auto accept meeting requests outlook 2016
  7. In the Section 1 list, select Run a Script. In the rule, specify that it should be applied to all messages from the specified sender(s). Then specify that you need to run the Run a Script for these emails: Project1.ThisOutlookSession.AutoAcceptMeeting script. Also, configure the options Stop processing more rules and Move it to the specified folder. how to automatically accept calendar invites in outlook
  8. All is left is to allow the execution of unsigned VBA scripts in Outlook. Select the Developer tab and click the Macro Security button. In the list of options, select Notify for all macros or Enable all macros (not security).
    Tip. If you can’t find the Developer tab on the Outlook’s ribbon, press File > Options > Customize Ribbon and place a checkmark next to the Developer entry in the right list of available tabs.
  9. Restart Outlook. You will notice a warning appear next time you launch Outlook. It will warn you that scripts are running in Outlook. Allow them by clicking the Enable all macros button. auto accept calendar invites from specific person
  10. Next time a meeting request is received from the user specified in the rule, it will be automatically accepted, and the sender will receive a reply message. outlook auto accepting meetings

In case you want to automatically reject all meeting requests from a specific email address in Outlook, use the following code for the same guide above:

Sub AutoDeclineMeetings(metRequest As MeetingItem)
If metRequest.MessageClass <> "IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request" Then
Exit Sub
End If
Dim metAppt As AppointmentItem
Set metAppt = metRequest.GetAssociatedAppointment(True)
Dim metResponse
Set metResponse = metAppt.Respond(olMeetingDeclined, True)
End Sub

That is it.

Cyril Kardashevsky


  1. I have Outlook 2013. When I follow these (very clear!) instructions, the options in the “Automatic accept or decline” box are shaded out – I can’t select them. How do I fix that?

    1. The 1st one is greyed out? By default the first one should be selectable and the bottom two are greyed out. Once you select the first one, then the other two should no longer be greyed out.

          1. I am in the same boat as Jennifer. any progress on this issue? I am getting the run around from Microsoft

    1. I spoke with Microsoft support (got a great tech as well). The feature was pulled in Office 2010 onward. So no, it does not work.

      But I did find a VB Script that will do the same thing.

      I was very impressed with the Microsoft tech as he stuck with it to the bitter end (apparently the developers do not clue in the the support).

  2. From what I can tell the option to set a rule that will run a script seems to have disappeared in Office 365. Does anyone know if that’s true, or if there is a new way to accomplish this?


    1. Liz, you need to do a registry edit.

      Depending on which version of Outlook you’re on, it may be in the 16 or 15 folder.

  3. Is there any way that I can disable these “auto accept/deny” button or setting? Preferably by using GPO or other recommended solution…

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