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What You Should Know About The Latest OS X Vulnerability

The latest version of OS X comes with a new bug which can be exploited by hackers, enabling them to install all sorts of malware on your Mac, even without knowing your password. The bug is caused by a new OS X feature that logs errors, something which was

The 12-inch MacBook Review

As is the case with most Apple releases, the 12-inch MacBook has stirred quite a controversy immediately after its release. Some like it a lot, others not so much, but one’s thing for sure – the Apple device has certainly made an impact on the scene. In this post,

How to Zoom Out on a Mac

There is a way to zoom out on a Mac and it can be quite a useful feature, especially when writing or editing text or when you come across a website with a default font that’s too small. Here’s how you do it: If you’re using a Mac (whether