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Fixing Install Errors for iTunes on Windows 10

A lot of Apple owners are facing with the problem of installing or updating iTunes on Windows 10. This problem has a solution, and today we will talk about it. Typically, users are facing these 3 errors when installing iTunes on Windows 10: An error occurred during the installation

How to fix sound problems on Windows 10

Hello guys! In this article we are going to show you how to fix no sound in Windows 10 issue if for some reason you have this problem. If you click on the sound icon, check the slider, make sure your sound is up and make sure that the

How To Fix Your Apple Keyboard

Like everything else Apple makes, their keyboards also enjoy a great reputation, and for good reason! They look great, feel great, and generally work perfectly – but every once in a while, they too can be affected by certain issues and glitches. In this article we go through some

How to Fix Error 9006

The update process to iOS 7 has been known to be disrupted by a really annoying error 9006 message in iTunes. So what is this error and what can you do about it? Fix #1: Restart the update process OK, this might sound a bit silly, but the first

Having Netflix or HDCP problems with Apple TV

If you’ve upgraded your Apple TV iOS 4.2 and still encountered HDCP (high definition copy protection) problems (or even worst, you didn’t have any issues before and now you do!), especially with Netflix – you’re not the only one! This seems to be quite a common problem, but luckily

World’s Most Expensive Computers

With technology advancing at an ever increasing rate, computers which a few years ago very at the very pinnacle in terms of capabilities are now the standard setup for many people, and will soon become obsolete. This means that PCs don’t stay expensive for too long, with new advances

How to Activate iPhone Without Sim Card on Windows

When starting your non-activated iPhone for the first time, you will encounter the iPhone activation screen. If you’re stuck on this screen, the only thing you can do is place emergency calls, so you’ll really want to activate your device as soon as possible. Activate your Android without sim

How To Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting

So you’ve got yourself a shiny, brand new iPhone. It’s been working just fine for a while, but then it suddenly begins to simply turn off. This happens repeatedly, and out of the blue. What do you do? If you haven’t become too attached to the thing, you head