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Android N New Features

Hello guys! In this article we are going to talk about new release of the Android operating system. The title of the new OS is Android N. We are going to tell you a little bit around our first impressions. It’s a first time Google is rolling pre-release beta system over the air. If you have Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P or Nexus 9, it means that you can try out these awesome new features.

The new Android N system is relatively stable from a few hours we have spent with it, which is very good for a beta release.

The first important feature is multitasking mode. If you want to run couple of apps and move them into different work fields, just long press one of your applications and split screen. As you’ve been able to do it on the some devices for a while, now you can do it on stock Android and that’s cool.

android n multitasking view

Next up if you pull down from the top, you’ve got your notification shade, and you’ve got five quick toggles. Quick toggles are accessible in the traditional means by double pulling down, but those quick toggle elements just give you five icons you can tap in or out to get expanded battery information or wifi control. You can customize it as well.

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android n quick toggles

You’ve also got better notifications. Right now notifications show you a little bit information, you can expand them and even respond to messages directly from the notification panel.

The next interesting thing is the system settings. You can change a size of how it displays. We know, that sound a bit weird, but basically rather than control the font size, we have made all our type a little bit smaller in a more intelligent way. It’s a little bit more dynamic than just controlling font size.

android n settings

Next up you’ve also got Night Mode. It’s kinda like what iOS does. It will control the brightness and everything, so that works a little bit better at night and strain your eyes a little bit less.

You’ve also got Doze mode, which can help you to save a little bit more battery when the screen is off.

In addition, you’ve got a data limiting. Data limiting is a part of stock Android, so you can have background process that monitoring your data usage.

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android n data usage

If you’ve got an Android TV, you will be able to have picture in picture viewing.

Finally, you get the ability to block calls from your operating system without having to install additional applications.

That’s pretty much a quick run through everything new in Android N!

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