Aimersoft – Virtual Driver is not installed

aimersoft - virtual driver

Fix Aimersoft Error

I use their WMA converter for multiple purposes, some of which I won’t go into 🙂

But recently I have been receiving an error, “Virtual Driver is not installed” when trying to convert audio files. That was getting very frustrating. I finally realized that Aimersoft had installed 5 virtual devices onto my computer, as seen in Device Manager.

aimersoft- virtual devices

So what I had to do to fix the error was right click on each device, select uninstall, and then check “Delete the driver software for this device.”


Then I had to launch Aimersoft WMA converter, or music converter, and go to “Option” menu and then to the “Processing” tab and click “Driver Check”. It then reinstalled the drivers, and the 5 virtual devices and no more error!


Hooray. By the way, clicking this Driver Check button first didn’t fix the issue for me without first deleting the virtual devices, it might for some though.

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