Activation error 0xC004F034 after the upgrade to Windows 10

Difficulty in running the automatic or activation manual system of MS server is one challenge that users have to face for a free upgrade of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. They can proceed to this section — Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation for the information text this window will provide on chance of activating the system. However, when Windows do not activate, they can repeat the same procedure again.

0xC004F034 cannot activate

The same Window can be utilized for more information in activating Windows 10 by just clicking Error details and waiting for the appearance of this text:

Error code: 0xC004F034 to appear.

Error description: Look for report from Software Licensing Service if you cannot find the license or it was invalidated.

Errors happen when the computer is linked to an Internet not properly purchased or the Windows are activated. Users are reassured that the reason is due to the high load of activating server Microsoft Windows 10 — 0xC004F034. It does not have enough time to accommodate the influx of many customers who were also trying to activate their system. After a while, the system can be activated. You can just leave your computer connected to the Internet and wait maybe an hour or several days to start activating.

Note: An online MS account is not needed to activate your system.

Take the opportunity of a possible free upgrading of your Windows 10 to include updating your License Window 7/Window 8.1 to Win X. In this instance, you can place hardware ID to activate MS server. You can then create a clean Windows 10 installation with a conservative license to be automatically downloaded from server MS.

However, when Windows 10 does not activate itself, push activation procedures as follows: Proceed to Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation and click Activate button several times. Keep attempting to activate using the button. After a number of attempt the request should go through and Windows 10 will activate.

You can also run the command —

slmgr / ato

at the privilege running on administration. Just wait until the system begins to activate.

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