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3 Best Free Antivirus for PC (2016)

Hello guys. After testing many many free antivirus software we have identified three of them. If you are protected by one of these three, you’ve got a pretty good protection. We are going to show you guys all three antiviruses, so let’s start.

Qihoo 360 Total internet security

The number one spot is Qihoo 360 Total internet security. This antivirus surprises us a lot, because we didn’t know about it before. But after testing we must say that this one is equal to a paid antivirus. It’s just so good and it’s actually really close to the best of the best paid antiviruses.

If it would be a paid antivirus, this would have been in the top three spot of the paid antiviruses. It’s an amazing piece of software, but the only thing that prevents us is the fact that this is made by China. It’s a Chinese antivirus, and with all the talks about stealing personal information, we don’t know if we can trust this software. It’s a really difficult for us, because we have no way to check it.

360 total security

360 total security check

We do think it’s fair and square, and it’s nothing else than just a good antivirus. Qihoo 360 total internet security is amazing software for protection. It’s detecting everything we threw at it. So, if you want to have a free protection, this one is amazing.

AVG FREE antivirus

The number two spot is AVG FREE antivirus. This one has been a favorite of a lot people for a long time. AVG FREE has been on computers for years and years and we’ve seen it a lot across the board pretty much everywhere. If you’ve got this on your computer, you’ve got a pretty good protection. It’s not as good as some paid antiviruses, but it’s close.

avg free antivirus

avg antivirus settings

If you are careful with your computer and you don’t really do too much bad things, AVG FREE will protect you well. It’s a good antivirus detected pretty much everything we threw at it. The one little note is AVG FREE antivirus is not as good as the paid Internet security that we’ve tested.

Avira Free antivirus

The number 3 is Avira Free antivirus. Apart from some little pop ups that sometimes can be annoying, this is really good protection.

avira free antivirus

avira free antivirus scan

It’s not as good as Qihoo, but still Ok. Again, this is a really good protection, especially if you are careful with your computer.

Let’s summarize. Our list of Top 3 best free antivirus software looks like that:

  1. Qihoo 360 Total internet security
  2. AVG FREE antivirus
  3. Avira Free antivirus

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