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Adobe Illustrator CS6 Round One Corner

So there have been times when I need to round only one or two corners of a rectangle in Adobe Illustrator CS6. There is a little script that Hiroyuki Sato wrote that works amazing for this! Follow the instructions below to see how to install the script and use

Configure MMC Snap-ins on Fresh Windows 7 Install

This is a tutorial on configuring the Microsoft Management Console from scratch after a fresh install of Windows 7. This includes setting up the Active Directory user and computers, Group Policy Management, and Exchange snap-ins. MMC Snap-ins Step 1 Make sure you have updated Windows 7 to SP1. You

Windows Server 2012 Mailbox Role Process Execution Failed Exit Code 15010

If you are trying to install Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2012 and are receiving the error “Mailbox Role Process Failed…. Process execution failed with exit code 15010” then you will need to tweak your registry for it to successfully install. This is a known issue from Microsoft. Mailbox

How to Cancel Chkdsk if Stuck in a Loop

If you tried running chkdsk and have been having issues with a bad virus or malware, it is possible that chkdsk could fail and get stuck in a loop. Follow the instructions to disable/cancel check disk so that that computer won’t be constantly rebooting. Chkdsk Step 1 You will

IE10 Doesn’t Work With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

If you have found this post, most likely you are inquiring about trying to get IE10 to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but currently Microsoft’s support for IE10 and CRM 4.0 is still saying TBD. You can see status of support for CRM

KMPlayer Audio Sync Issues on AVI Files

I updated my KMPlayer recently to version and noticed the audio would immediately go out of sync when playing .AVI files. Follow the instructions below to fix. KMPlayer Step 1 Launch KMPlayer and go to preferences. F2 or Right Click > Options > Preferences. Step 2 Then select

The processing of Group Policy failed

There are a number of reasons why The processing of Group Policy failed error could happen. When you try to run gpupdate /force you receive the following error: User policy could not be updated successfully. The following errors were encountered. The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows attempted to

Find 3Ware Raid Controller Model Number, Serial Number and Firmware

Sometimes you don’t always have time to find the serial number or model number on the Raid card itself. And you probably have gotten rid of the retail box. Below are instructions on how to find the full model number and serial number for a 3Ware Raid Card. 3Ware