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Developer options: 10 Hidden Android Features

Android is an advanced customizable operating system that gives you a complete control of your own device and you can control it from how the device performs to how does it look like.

But there is also a set of hidden options and Android settings targeted on advanced users and developers. You can use Developer options on your Android to customize like a developer!

So let’s start.

You won’t find this options in your menu. To get to it you need to go Settings, then to About phone (device). Here you can find your Build number. You need to click on it 6 times and it will give you a pop up saying that you are a developer now. Sounds good!

android build number

Go back to Settings and now you can see a new Developer options tab here. Click on it and here you will find a lot of options, which might be useful for you.

android developer options

For example, it’s Allow mock locations option. While turned on, this option allows you to configure your GPS location using simple FakeGPS app from Play Store.

After installed go to this app and enable your GPS by clicking on Location button. Now can choose any place on the planet as your own location.

android fakegps

This place will be showing on your Facebook or other social media accounts as a location place – it can be anywhere in the world.

Next down on the list we have Process Stats option. This option will be useful if you want to control your device memory usage and here you can check out what of apps using your memory the most.

android process stats

So if you will find an app that you don’t use much, you can Force stop it directly from this option. Checking this up also helps you to save your battery and make it’s life longer.

The next small but cool Show touches option shows you the touches register on your device. It is very helpful if you are streaming your device or use your Android display for a presentation.

Next 2 options is one the most useful tools especially if you have heavy apps or gaming. Go to Hardware accelerated rendering.

First one is Force GPU rendering. You can configure 2D objects rendering on GPU. If you have an app or 2D Game which is lagging on the device then turn this option on and your Android will definitely run faster.

The second option is perfect too. If you are playing a 3D Games with high graphic performance, there’s a great way to make those games look better. You can do that by enabling the Force 4x MSAA option and get short boost in performance.

android force 4x MSAA

But probably one of the most useful feature in Developer option is the ability to control the animations and transitions of your device.

You can do that using Windows animation scale, Transitions animation scale and Animator duration scale options. These are controlling of how animation works on your device.

By default all these options are set to 1x. You can test animation and choose 10x scale – your device will start working slowly. If you set this option to Animation off you can speed up your Android because this will stop animation between transitions.

android animation scale

This can help you not to waste time and make switching between windows and apps faster. But however we recommend you to set this option at 0.5x scale to make your device 2x faster, but it will be still giving you some smoothness effect during switching.

The next one is another one great feature in Android Developer tools. Show CPU usage option allows you to monitor your current CPU usage, showing what processes are running now.

In the end of list we have cool App set of options which can boost your device speed.

Don’t keep activities option kills apps activity as soon as you leave them. If you have a very slow Android device, you can turn off this option too and it will boost your device too.

The next one is Background process limit option. Basically this option is an advanced version of the first one. Here you can manage your Background activities, select the limit for your background activities. If your Android is slow and works hard, setting this option to At most 2 processes won’t hurt your device.

That’s all! If you don’t use Developers option at all we recommend you to keep them turned off.

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