10 Annoying Online Gamer Personalities

Playing a video game with other people brings a whole new dimension to it, allowing for great team play, coordination and succeeding in tasks that would be impossible to be done by a single player alone. When the group of people you play with are great friends (or good mannered strangers), then everything’s really great and you’ll get the most out of each match or raid.

List of 10 Annoying Online Gamer Personalities

The problem starts when you find yourself in a group filled with impossibly rude, annoying or even creepily weird people. We’ve all met them at some point in our gamer’s life and wished we’d never see them again. They can ruin your game and leave you with a feeling of never wanting to play online again!


So, let’s see (and bash!) the ten worst profiles of annoying online gamers:

1. The One Who is Never There (aka The AFKer)

Whether they need to finish dinner, have to go to the toilet for 20 minutes or simply don’t want to play anymore, the AFKer (AFK= away from keyboard) doesn’t care about what happens to the rest of the players when he/she isn’t actively playing.

Usually this type of gamer is very selfish and considers his/her immediate needs to be more important than being a team player and responsible. Gaming etiquette demands that one does not start a match/raid if you don’t have the time available to finish it.

Rarely, the AFKer is not at fault. So, this isn’t always a bad person. For instance, his grandma might just have died, the neighbor’s house might be on fire or the kid had an accident at school. These AFKers will often apologize, give their reason and leave you to lose your game.

Sadly, most AFKers have very different reasons for leaving.

Here are the types of AFKers you might find in your game:

  • The Rage-quitter. This one is a beast that simply leaves you to rot the moment he/she feels pissed off or doesn’t want to play anymore (usually because of losing badly).
  • The Errand Runner. He gets called by his parents or partner to do chores while playing and runs off to do them, leaving the poor people that joined him in a game stranded.
  • The Unfortunate One. Like I mentioned above, this person has some serious emergency going on and simply has to leave the computer. We can all show some understanding in this case.
  • The Forgetful One. He logs on, gets distracted and simply forgets to come back. Usually these are very bad players to hang out with.
  • The Professional AFKer. He logs onto the game and never does a single thing, usually just to get some kind of points or other game reward, while doing his homework. These are very ruthless gamers who have their games on 24/7 and simply go AFK when they have to do stuff like eating, work and sleep.
  • The One with the Bad Connection. His internet gives up on him/her and he’s off, usually followed by “anyone got lag?” and similar questions.

The AFKer is a very common problem in online games and you should usually avoid playing with him/her again, unless they apologize and justify their actions afterwards.

2. The One with the Anger Issues (aka Crazy Flamer)

He or she is a player you certainly should avoid if you want to have some relaxed fun. This is a person who simply goes crazy whenever something happens he/she doesn’t like.

Many Rage Monsters will use extremely foul language, even in games where children/teenagers are allowed to play in. They usually have no qualms of wishing horrible diseases on someone, just because they didn’t “shoot” right in the game or were too slow.

This is a type of player that goes overboard whenever something bad happens (we all get overexcited sometimes while playing, but not like that).

You cannot reason with a Rage Monster, because they are usually far too angry to listen to anyone and you’ll probably just make yourself the target of his next foul-mouthed rant.


They don’t mind unleashing the beast within!

Most games allow you to report/block or mute this kind of player, which is highly advisable for your serenity and enjoyment.

3. The One Who Points the Finger (aka the Blamer)

You’re all playing, trying to focus on your respective role and suddenly something goes wrong somewhere. That’s when the Blamer will start pointing his virtual finger at someone to blame for the failure.


The blame might or might not be justified. The problem is that the blamer usually stops playing and starts typing like crazy things like: “You’re such a noob, why you playing this?” at his/her target and not stop until they are satisfied that they have humiliated their target and robbed him/her of all enjoyment of the game.

There are two types of Blamer:

  • The Deflector. He/she is actually at fault, but gets so worked up (and thinks so highly of his/her abilities) that he/she totally goes nuts blaming the best possible victim. They are unremorseful and usually begin playing even worse, because they type too much and give too little attention.
  • The Self-proclaimed Pro. He/she thinks they are the best in the game and finds it natural to point a finger at everything others around him/her are doing wrong. They show little tact and understanding for the failing of others.

Blamers are always entitled and rarely see the error of their ways. Just avoid them when possible.

4. The One Who Can’t Cooperate

Leeroy Jenkins is famous about the video in which he ruins the team play of a whole group of people because he doesn’t listen and simply does whatever he wants. The video is hilarious, but the situation is certainly not something you want in your game.

Many great challenges in online games need good communication and teamwork to be overcome successfully. Teams of people plan ahead, sometimes even days before the event, gather up and try to beat that boss or difficult team.

Then suddenly someone in your team decides to do a “Leeroy Jenkins”, simply rushes into the fight and ruins everything for at least the next 10 minutes.

There are plenty of types when it comes to the uncooperative player:

  • The Clueless. He/she doesn’t know where they are or what they are supposed to be doing. Someone either has to tell this player everything that needs to be done word by word, while the prepared players wait in boredom, or you are forced to play with a liability to the team. The clueless gamer is a timewaster.
  • The Absent Minded. You tell him/her something and a minute later they have forgotten. The team gets upset about how many times you have to repeat some simple advice, because the absent minded gamer is simply not giving you any attention.
  • The Bored. He/she doesn’t want to wait for the other to prepare correctly and be ready. They rush the fights and cause everyone to lose.
  • The Entitled. This player thinks that he/she should be doing a very specific job and nothing else. You can’t negotiate or bargain. This player will want what he/she wants and if they don’t get it all hell will break lose, or you lose the entitled one from your team.


Nothing can beat a team that cooperates nicely!

If you love playing cooperatively with large groups, you should beware of the Leeroy Jenkins. It can be very frustrating to be playing with people who have no idea what cooperation truly means.

5. The Attention Seeker

This player needs to know that everyone is constantly aware of him or her. Some cases can be very mild, like when a player tries to open a conversation at a slightly inappropriate time etc.

The trouble starts when the attention seeker seriously begins to hinder everyone’s enjoyment of the game with the incessant need to be acknowledged.

Most attention seekers will fit into one of these categories:

  • The Flirting Girl. Sometimes girls will try to win favors and boost their ego by seeking the attention of her fellow players. Since girls are rarer in many games, this tactic often succeeds, thanks to the hormone packed male player base. The result can be quite an annoying chat most would want to avoid.
  • The Joker. This player will try as hard as possible to make everyone laugh. A little bit is always ok, but once it gets like painfully constant, then the Joker becomes the least favorite player of the team.
  • The SelfAppointed Leader. These players think they need to tell everyone what to do and how to do it constantly. They often insult the real team leader by doing so and ruin cooperation.
  • The Kid. Children sometimes get very annoying when they desire to win the approval of their older team players. Of course if you’re playing with very young kids, then some understanding is in order. Just politely teach the kid correct gaming manners.


Don’t be too mean with attention seekers. They usually just don’t know how to behave properly in large groups and in the gaming community. Just give them some polite hints in a private chat and usually things will sort themselves out after a while. If not, just avoid that player.

6. The Immature One

The Immature player is someone who obviously doesn’t know how to behave properly and lacks certain tact and manners. Often times, immature players think that the anonymity of online playing is a good excuse to behave exactly like they want and the result usually is a primal ape-like mess.

Immature players don’t listen; they do as they please and rarely ever help out. Usually this immaturity comes together with a certain degree of entitlement and bouts of rage that well up easily. The immaturity of these players can either be attributed to age or a very bad upbringing.

If your fellow player is just a little kid, then some immaturity is to be expected, especially when it comes to difficult concepts like fairness and cooperation. Usually young individuals also lack in the tact and manners department. Of course this does not constitute the rule. Plenty of kids will behave far better than much older players.

The worst kind of immature player is the adult type. These are hopeless individuals that totally lose control or didn’t have any manners and common sense to begin with.

Absolutely avoid the adult immature player (or just throw your PC/console out of the window if you’re one!)

7. The Troll

Trolling means to be constantly annoying or prodding people to get an emotional reaction out of them. Trolls are player who care more about making another player angry, sad or annoyed, than they care about playing the actual game.


Not all trolls are trolling constantly. Some just do it once in a while when they feel angry and want to vent some steam by annoying others.

There are plenty of types of troll, some much worse than others:

  • The Bully. This troll will constantly put you down and try to make you react to their nasty talk and behavior. Get rid of this player as fast as possible.
  • The Camper. This is a player that will try to hinder you from continuing your game. They will kill the mobs you are hunting, kill you if they can or simply take away any resources you are looking for. The Camper will do this until you don’t come back. This player enjoys wasting time ruining your game. Campers can even just stand in your way and stop you from playing as smoothly as you’d want.
  • The One Who is Never Serious. Of course games are games, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time to be collected and focused while playing them. The troll who can’t do anything seriously will always ruin everyone’s effort and blame you for being too serious on top of it.

Beware of the troll!

8. The Drug/Alcohol User

You’re trying to play your game, having fun and aiming for that win and someone thinks it is funny to advertise their drug habits in the chat. It usually goes like “Oh man, I am sooo stoned” or “I can’t see the mouse, that’s how drunk I am”.

Not just are these players ruining your game with their slow reaction time and uninteresting comments, but they are also advertising their bad habits proudly to everyone.

This type of player is quite distasteful and usually very unskilled when stoned or drunk.

If you prefer a game with a focused player and pleasant chat, then avoid the stoner/drunk, especially when they are using/drinking.


They might even have an avatar like this.

Fact: Drugs and games don’t mix when you’re playing with others.

9. The Weird Guy

This player manages to freak everyone out with their weird comments and behavior. They feel totally comfortable talking about disgusting or highly disturbing issues during your gaming session, usually creating a bad mood all around.

The weird guy might be:

  • Very Clingy. He/she constantly follows you, whispers to you or asks you for advice. When you don’t answer they go crazy, sending even more messages or putting you on their ignore list and hating you for life.
  • Utterly Shameless. You don’t want to know how big this person’s junk is, or what color his feces was yesterday, but he’ll still tell you, just to hear you say “OMG too much information.”
  • The Psycho. This player likes talking like some kind of maniac. They will talk about their desire to commit crimes or what kind of crimes they like. Usually they mean nothing by it and just try to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • The Daddy/Mommy. Those players that think you need their constant supervision, attention and help, even when you totally never asked for it.
  • The Crazy Flirt. At some point you’ll find one of those players who can’t think about anything else than flirting while playing. They are usually quiet when there isn’t any love interest around, but when there is you need to run for cover or close the chat.


The weird players can seriously creep you out!

There are plenty of weird people out there in the gaming world. Some are weird in a creative and fun way we all love, while others… are better to be ignored and kept at a distance.

10. The Perfectionist

This type of player is usually very good when going solo, but a horrible teammate to be with.

Perfectionists strive to play every game as well as possible and it totally bugs them if you have your own, less efficient method. They will insist on teaching you how to do things as well as them and constantly remind you of the inferiority of your style and choices of weapons and tactics.

While being too relaxed in a competitive and cooperative game isn’t responsible, taking the game too seriously can harm everyone’s enjoyment.

Its one thing to be prepared for a good raid/match and a whole other issue to do things only a certain way so the perfectionist isn’t angry.

Usually perfectionists mean well in their very own annoying way. Sadly they are often in leadership positions, since they truly strive to do everything as well as possible and take matters into their own hands.

Trying to reason with a perfectionist is just playing into their hands, since they will give you a humongous sermon on why they are right.

There are three options when faced with a perfectionist:

  • Do what they say
  • Ignore what they say and face their contempt
  • Run away!


Missed the hand? Omg noob!

Any of the above annoying gamer personalities can seriously ruin your whole afternoon if you don’t know how to handle them. Nonetheless online games are filled with great and exciting people that love to play the same games you do and are happy to cooperate to win, or lose with dignity. Avoid and ignore the idiots that have nothing better to do than ruin everyone’s enjoyment and find yourself a tight-knit group of friends that feel like you do and share your humor and level of dedication.

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