Zenburn.xml Theme Tweaked for Notepad++


By default I love the zenburn theme for Notepad++. Very easy on the eyes. However, the fold lines were a bold red and jumped out horribly. There are about 5 additional tweaks I made as well to blend it a little better. I copied some additional styles over from the default notepad++ theme and then modified them to match the color scheme of current zenburn.


I think it looks a lot better. To update your zenburn theme with mine simply download my “Zenburn.xml” (right click and save as) file and replace it over your current one which is located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\themes

Feel free to make style suggestions and I will consider updating it.

  • dik

    I can’t seem to download the xml file. It gives me this page as htm file instead of the xml file.
    Can you mail it? zooi-it”AT”