Wrong thumbnails from Twitterfeed

Have you had the problem where twitterfeed is choosing the wrong thumbnail to post on your facebook wall or page? That is because Facebook relies on its new open graph protocol to choose which image from your post it will display. From our twitterfeed it was simply choosing the first image it could find on the page.

Twitterfeed – Wrong Thumbnails

There is a free alternative to twitterfeed which which allow you to utilize WordPress, the open graph protocol for Facebook, and still have it auto post to your wall. The company is Linksalpha.

Step 1

Sign up for a free account on their website. (http://www.linksalpha.com)

Step 2

Link your facebook account/page to their site.

Step 3

Setup publish by inputting your site’s web feed.

Step 4

Install the WordPress plugin “1-click Retweet/Share/Like” which is made by LinksAlpha.

Step 5

In the plugin settings, add your API key.

Step 6

On the options menu, enable the “Use Facebook Image Meta tags” option.


And that’s it! Your featured images from your wordpress posts should now post correctly on Facebook. Below is an example of this post on our Facebook wall.


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