WP8 and Windows 8 App to read your Feedly Subscriptions

Feedly App for WP8 & Windows 8

With Google Reader shutting down a few days ago, we were searching for a good alternative and landed upon Feedly. Feedly has actually been around for a couple years, but they have made some major improvements over the last year. Especially with the recent launch of their new cloud platform. Unfortunately one thing they don’t have is a Windows 8 App or WP8 app. You can see on this Feedly blog post, there have been a lot of requests for one.

Solution? Try out Nextgen Reader

The application we finally landed upon was Next Matter’s Nextgen Reader. They have both a Windows 8 App and a WP8 app. And as of July, they both now support Feedly as a source.

Nextgen Reader Windows 8 App

Top Features:

  • Personalize: Choose between eight color accents to personalize the design e.g. teal, blue, etc.
  • Modern view: A beautiful grid based layout for your tablet/touch-screen device.
  • 3-pane view: A classic 3-column layout for non-touch/traditional PC’s.
  • Customize reading view: Set default open method per feed: summary, full article or web page.
  • Multiple live tiles: Pin multiple live tiles to start screen from both classic view and modern view.
  • Security: Completely safe oauth2 web authentication.
  • Mobilizer: Inbuilt Readability/Instapaper/Google mobilizer.
  • Shortcuts: Full keyboard support in classic view (press “?” key). Same as Google Reader.
  • Touch: Swipe to move between articles.
  • Roaming: Login once and run on multiple Windows 8 PC’s.
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Here are a couple screenshots of the Nextgen Reader Windows 8 app running in Stardock’s Modernmix.



Grab Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 on the Windows Store for $2.99 or give the trial a whirl.

Nextgen Reader WP8 App

Top Features:

  • Support for multiple small, medium and wide live tiles.
  • Pin your favorite feeds/folders to start and see unread count + headline on the glance.
  • Integrated Services: Post article on Twitter, Facebook & Windows Live or save to Readability, InstaPaper & Pocket.
  • Full offline mode with image caching.
  • Dynamic subscriptions hub.
  • Search articles inside all items, read items or starred items.
  • Read full or mobilized articles easily.
  • Flick/swipe to move between articles.
  • Support for YouTube videos.
  • Secure: always uses https to sync.
  • URL shortner, custom themes and much more.

Here are a couple screenshots of the Nextgen Reader WP8 app.

Main App View

Article View

Sharing an Article

Mobile Compatibility View



What we still need now is a BufferApp so that we can share straight to Buffer from Nextgen Reader. But until then you can use IFTTT and automate “saving an article”/starring it so that it goes to Buffer. Use our IFTTT (Feedly to Buffer) recipe here: https://ifttt.com/recipes/103046

Grab Nextgen Reader WP8 app on the Windows Store for $1.99 or give the trial a run down.

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Feedly Web Version

And of course you can access Feedly via your web browser where they now have a great responsive site!


Let us know what you think of Nextgen Reader for WP8 and Windows 8!

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