WordPress and Disqus Comments Both Showing

** Update ** This has now been fixed by Disqus as of 06.18.13 6:50PM PST.

Disqus Comment Problem

Looks like there is a a bug with the current Disqus plugin. Right now on our WordPress blog both the default WordPress comments are showing, as well as the Disqus comments right below them.

See picture of the problem.


I just sent in a support email and got this response back.

This is actually our fault, we’re getting a fix out very shortly and you won’t need to do anything else when we get this out. Sorry about the confusion!
Kind Regards,

Product Support Engineer

So it appears they are working on a fix. So don’t go hunting for hours trying to fix it yourself πŸ™‚ We will update this post once they release the update to fix the problem.

Or you can follow their status updates to be notified of future issues here: http://status.disqus.com/