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How to Backup Drivers and Restore them in Windows 10

A backup copy of the drivers will not only help to restore the operability of the hardware and the peripheral devices (printers, scanners, MFPs, etc.) of the computer quickly, but also prevent any possible problems (for example, with sound or graphics due to an incorrectly installed driver after clean

Turning off automatic update on Windows 10 drivers

This is Windows reaction after connected to a new gadget: it strives for the installation of the right kind of drive and later uses Window updates. In a number of cases, this approach maybe only last resort as the installation of the newest driver’s version is authenticated by Microsoft.

Lenovo Yoga 13 Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

Lenovo Yoga We have been dealing with some Lenovo Yoga 13 ultrabooks recently and the wireless cards keep disconnecting and then refuse to reconnect. After reading on the Lenovo forums, this appears to be widespread on these models. Below are fixes we have compiled from different people that will

3ware 9550SX Raid Controller Driver for Windows Server 2008 R2 x32 and x64

If you reached this page you are probably running on an older Raid Card, perhaps the 9550SX and are trying to see if you can run Windows Server 2008 R2 32-bit or 64-bit on it. Fortunately there is support for this. This specific raid driver is very hard to

Download Dell Drivers the Easy Way via FTP Site

Whether you work at a Helpdesk or are an IT Administrator, a lot of our readers download drivers from the Dell website a lot. I know I am personally downloading new BIOS updates/Dell Drivers for various Dell machines on a regular basis. I have to be honest, the Dell

Windows 8 and Photoshop CS6 Black Screen Flickering

Anyone running Windows 8 with Photoshop CS6 installed? If you are like us, we run Photoshop every day all day. There is an annoying display driver issue happening that is currently causing the screen to black out in Photoshop when say, expanding a box or going to the crop

Speed Up Your Linksys WMP600N Card

A lot of people have been having trouble with the Linksys WMP600N wireless adapter. I finally managed to pull the full speed out of my card. I am pulling the same down as I was when I was connected directly to my router. I am pulling 3MB/s down :).

ATI Drivers 11.5 Mouse Lag

Well, if you are like me, you updated to the ATI drivers 11.5 Catalyst and are now experiencing weird mouse lag at the corners of your screen. Here is what I did to fix the problem. I simply turned off the mouse shadow. Fix ATI Drivers 11.5 Mouse Lag

Install HP Mini TouchPad drivers

HP Mini TouchPad Drivers If anyone has recently purchased an HP Mini Netbook they might notice one thing not working after a fresh install of Windows 7. The touchpad scrolling doesn’t seem to work after fresh install of Windows 7 x32.\ HP Mini TouchPad Drivers Read below to find

Removing Windows XP Printer Driver

If you right click on a printer and delete it, this doesn’t remove the printer driver from the machine. Sometimes when working with print servers and testing multiple drivers there will be times when you need to completely remove a driver package from the machine so you can install