windows 10 start menu as calculator

Windows 10 Start menu as a calculator, converter and reference

You have probably already noticed that Windows 10 don`t have a classic calculator application (Calc.exe), but instead of this have a default pre-modern Calculator app. It is somewhat more difficult, but it is a decent application performing as calculator and converter. However, there is a more geek way to perform calculation and conversation directly from the Start menu search box in Windows 10.

Start Menu supports simple calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). For example, to get the result of this operation: (315 + 10 * 2) / 2, you simply enter the desired formula in the search Start menu and get the result.

windows 10 start menu calculator

It is not necessary to run the calculator in order to perform simple arithmetic operations on Windows 10. Although in some calculations, you are required to specify the equal sign (=) at the end of phrases but in the others, you don’t have to.

In addition to the features calculator, Start Menu supports functional converter:

  1. How many bits in 1.3 Gigabytes? – 1.3 Gbit bytes
    windows 10 start menu tricks
  2. What is the current rate of the dollar against the ruble? (The result is alarming) – $1.00 = 64.76 Russian Ruble
    windows 10 start menu
  3. How much will be 60 miles per hour in kilometers?=102.998016 kilometers per hour
    windows 10 menu tricks
  4. What time is it in London? = 9:00 A.M.Wednesday, 18 November 2015 (GMT)
    windows 10 start menu geeks
  5. How much will be 999 seconds in hours = 0.2775 of an hour
    windows 10 tricks
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The Windows Start menu takes only 10 search results directly from search engine Bing and the results are directly displayed in the search results Start menu.

The trick is that the Windows 10 Start menu takes search results directly from the Bing search engine and displays the search results in Start menu. This function is working only with the Internet connection and enabled search Option.

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