Windows Server 2012 Mailbox Role Process Execution Failed Exit Code 15010

If you are trying to install Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2012 and are receiving the error “Mailbox Role Process Failed…. Process execution failed with exit code 15010” then you will need to tweak your registry for it to successfully install. This is a known issue from Microsoft.

Mailbox Role Process Execution Failed Exit Code 15010

You can thank Torben Nygaard who put together a little registry file that will make the changes that Microsoft says to in this article here:

I have tested the following entries below myself on a fresh install and they successfully fixed the error when installing the mailbox role.

Simply copy the following code below, save into a notepad file and save as a .reg file. Then double click to run the import.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




If the registry import is successful you should see a message like the one below. Then simply run the Exchange 2010 setup again and finish installing the Mailbox Role.


  • Dennis

    Thanks! Fixed it like you said!