Windows 8 to sort out download and file name change situation


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This is more of a news story, than a ‘how to’, but should provide welcome relief for some users of IE. The new Windows 8 will make it easier to download and then change the file names, Microsoft has announced.

File downloads dialog will be combined into a single box. What this really means is that users will be able to stop and pause downloads, the amount of file downloaded will be shown on a graph alongside the transfer speed, the overall trend of transfer rate and how much of the file is left to download. This will be great news if you’re downloading the party poker and trying to watch a YouTube video and your computer and connection is struggling to keep up. You can decide which to prioritize and for how long. Renaming files will be made easier by having a dialog box with images of all the duplicate files and the user can then choose which of the files they want to keep.

The reason behind these changes according to Microsoft is that their telemetric data shows them that copying and deleting, moving and renaming files is the most frequently used feature within Windows Explorer. They say they are aiming to create a single place to manage all jobs, make things much clearer for users and put the user in control. The Microsoft guys have been aware of the humour-inducing factor of their quite shonky download dialog at the present – they link to a cartoon by XKCD with the ‘author of the Windows file copy dialog’ in his car saying “I’m just out of town so I should be 15 mins, no, wait that’s more like two weeks, hey no it’ll be 30 seconds”. If this works it might mean less opportunity for humour, but much less hassle when downloading files.

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