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How to Manually Force Crawl Your Raven Tools Site

We recently wrote an article on how to force crawl your Moz site. This is a short tutorial on how to force crawl your Raven Tools site. If you make a lot of on-page optimizations during the week, sometimes it is nice to refresh the data. Manually Force Crawl

How to Manually Force Crawl Your Moz Site

If you ever you use Moz, you probably at some point will want to force crawl your site so that the statistics update. Especially if you just made a lot of changes. Thankfully there is a Moz Pro tool to do this. You can force a re-crawl of your

New to Facebook Advertising? Claim $50 coupon for $5.00

Are you new to Facebook advertising? Perhaps you want to start advertising for your business. Besides marketing with Google Adwords, Facebook advertising is also a great avenue to advertise in. You can also “target” advertise much more than you can with Google Adwords. Want to only show ads to

Track the Number of Downloads of Individual Files

Have you ever needed to track the number of downloads of files? You can easily add any individual file into your Google Analytics report by using the snippet of code below. [jscript] <a onclick=”javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview(‘somefile.pdf’);” href=”somefile.pdf”>Download somefile.pdf</a> [/jscript] Thank Sean Walther for the tip:

List of 20 Completely Free Local Business Directories

We know that it is hard to advertise for a new business. We hope that this list of business directories helps you. They are completely free, some only requiring you to signup for a free account to submit your business listing. We have linked directly to the free business

Check Username Availability at Social Networking Sites

Ever helping someone promote a business, or perhaps you are starting a new brand name and want to check all the available social media usernames? There is a website that has been offering this service, free, for over 3 years. It is called NameChk. A lot of people we

SEO – Sitemaps and the Robots.txt

This weekend I have been working a lot with sitemaps and the infamous robots.txt file. I have been trying to increase the SEO I am doing on my site as well as my client’s sites. A great little app that will automatically build your sitemap and upload it via