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How to Clear Browser History

As you’re probably aware, your entire itinerary as you surf the web is recorded, i.e. saved to the cache on your computer. There are, however, a number of reasons you might want to clear that cache periodically. For one thing, all that data is saved on your hard drive,

How to Use Tor Browser to Protect Your Anonymity Online

Here is an inconvenient truth: everything that you do on the Internet leaves a trace. If you have an extension like Ghostery* installed on your browser, you’ll know that even a simple benign-looking webpage can be filled to the brim with web trackers that spy upon your browsing habits.

Can’t Access Website or Public Links Using IE11

Mega with IE11 Currently you cannot access the website using Internet Explorer 11. We have been using Mega as a nice additional mirror for some of our crucial downloads for people. This is now causing some issues as a lot of our crowd on this blog are running

IE10 – Go back multiple pages

So if you are like me you probably are used to the little drop down arrow next to the back and forward buttons to be able to navigation back multiple pages at a time. For me this is crucial, I use this feature everyday. Well in IE10 there is

How to Uninstall IE10 and Go Back to IE9

As Internet Explorer 10 rolls out this week via Windows Updates, some users are finding things that aren’t compatible yet with IE10. If you are needing to uninstall IE10 follow the instructions below. Uninstall IE10 Instructions Step 1 Click on your start menu and go to “Control Panel.” Step

Will IE10 be pushed out via Windows Updates?

As we all know Microsoft “officially” announced the launch of IE10 today for Windows 7. But what a lot of system administrators are wanting to know is if IE10 is going to be pushed out via Windows Updates? And the answer is yes, it is. IE10 Updates According to

Your Browser is Incompatible with Spiceworks

If you are receiving the error Your Browser is Incompatible with Spiceworks, Either you have Javascript, cookies, or Stylesheets (CSS) turned off or you are using a browser without the features required to use Spiceworks then follow the instructions below. It is most likely that you don’t have active

IE10 Doesn’t Work With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

If you have found this post, most likely you are inquiring about trying to get IE10 to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but currently Microsoft’s support for IE10 and CRM 4.0 is still saying TBD. You can see status of support for CRM

Disable download scan in Mozilla Firefox

Tired of Firefox running a scan every time you download something? Follow the instructions below to disable the download scan. Mozilla Firefox Download Scan Step 1 In your address bar type “about:config” and hit enter. Step 2 Click the “I’ll be careful, I Promise” button. Step 3 In the

Disable Tab Preview in Internet Explorer

If you are like me you probably have 15+ tabs open all the time. To have a tab preview show at the bottom is usually useless and just takes up real estate. Follow the steps below to disable tab preview in Internet Explorer. Works in IE8, IE9, and IE10.