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Change Default Download Location In Microsoft Edge

Hello everyone. In this article we are going to be looking at how we can change the default download location for Microsoft Edge. By default, Microsoft Edge downloads all the files to the Downloads folder inside Windows and you cannot change this download location. But if you want to

How to create your own Cloud Storage Server

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create your own cloud storage server. Head over to http://www.cloudways.com/ and click on Free Trial. Here enter your email address, your desired password and start free trial. You should get a confirmation email. Click on Activate your account

How to increase range and quality of your WiFi router signal with Windows 10 WiFi Monitor app

In your home when you install a router you don’t think about this, because it’s kind of invisible thing. Radio waves of your router going through your home. But the thing is that your neighbor’s router waves are also come into your home. People being pretty close together and

How to Setup a VPS to Host Your Website

Most of us start with a Shared hosting for our websites but as they start to grow, a mere Shared hosting does not do much justice to them. You start to see slow server response times and realize that your hosting cannot keep up with the increasing traffic. That’s

New Facebook Changes You Should Know

Facebook is always optimizing its service, coming up with all sorts of new features and gradually releasing them to the users. Unless you make a point out of following these kinds of things, you probably aren’t keeping up with all the changes. New Facebook Changes So to help you

Linkedin Career Opportunities

Social networking sites are a great place to raise your profile or, if you’ve already managed to make a name for yourself, boost it even further. At first glance, LinkedIn, with its focus on professional networking, seems to be different. But LinkedIn is much more than glorified résumé repository.

How to Clear Browser History

As you’re probably aware, your entire itinerary as you surf the web is recorded, i.e. saved to the cache on your computer. There are, however, a number of reasons you might want to clear that cache periodically. For one thing, all that data is saved on your hard drive,

5 Free Awesome Blogging Platforms

There are over 150 million blogs online right now and more than six million people write on their blogs on a regular basis. With more than half of the world’s users reading at least one blog a day, blogging today has become an integral part of our culture, despite

How to Use Tor Browser to Protect Your Anonymity Online

Here is an inconvenient truth: everything that you do on the Internet leaves a trace. If you have an extension like Ghostery* installed on your browser, you’ll know that even a simple benign-looking webpage can be filled to the brim with web trackers that spy upon your browsing habits.

How to Use Reddit Like a Boss: Tips & Tricks for the Internet’s “Front Page”

Facebook and Twitter might have the largest userbases among social networking sites, but they’ve got nothing on the extremely tight-knit Reddit community. Reddit, for those unfamiliar with it, is an online-forum-slash-social-network of registered users (who may or may not be anonymous) from all over the world. Its slogan “The