WAIK RTM Download Missing…

With the release of “The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7 SP1” also comes a problem. Microsoft has removed the RTM download link for the KB3AIK_EN.iso and updated it with the supplement for the new SP1. How are people suppose to sysprep without the original installer of WAIK? I will keep an eye on this and will post back once Microsoft realizes their mistake.

New WAIK Supplement Link

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  • Amardeep Juneja

    I’ve also noticed the same thing. I downloaded the KB3AIK_EN.iso 2 days ago but it’s corrupted and won’t install. Now i can’t seem to find the KB3AIK_EN.iso install anywhere..

  • Bevan

    I haven

  • Jordan

    Microsoft fixed the link. It’s OK now πŸ™‚

  • Lol, this is just funny. Yes, Microsoft fixed the link by putting WAIK RTM back up. But now the Supplement for WAIK SP1 is missing. Haha…

    • Jordan

      Yes. It’s very disappointing to download ?$ free tools from torrent trackers. No links at Microsoft, TechNet and MSDN to Supplement

  • PGutbrod

    Come on M$ I’m having trouble deploying SP1 images from my deployment share, apparently I need those boot wims! Anyone open a support ticket to get the downloads squared away? I wasted most of my day trying to fix my deployment server. Ever since I tried to capture and deploy a Win7Ent SP1 image nothing has worked. Anyone else try to deploy SP1 with WAIK/PE 3.0 and have problems?

  • In case anyone was interested I fixed my WAIK 3.0 SP1 deployment by copying the setup files from a new Windows 7 with SP1 iso and now everything seemed to install properly. Does anyone know what exactly is different in PE 3.1? Should I use those boot wims if they ever become available again?

  • XwhodeyX

    This looks to be working now, just downloaded it this morning. Is this the right one?

  • Yes, it looks like both downloads are now available. I have updated the post above.

  • Peter Kenaston

    I downloaded the windows 7 AIK from M$ on Thursay, March 15 and I was unable to install it on Windows 7 Enterprise X86. Any ideas. Where can I get a good copy of this program so I can prepair for a Windows class the end of April.