VPS Hosting – CleverKite Seals the Deal

A couple weeks ago I was desperately looking for a new VPS host. This site, theitbros.com was running on a (dv) VPS plan from MediaTemple; and it was just not performing as I had hoped. Ping times were high, response time from the site was long, and I was almost maxing out my memory for the plan. So my quest began to find a new VPS. After a complete weekend of comparing, searching, etc. I finally stumbled across a new company called CleverKite. I read some positive reviews about them on the WebHosting Talk forum and decided to give them a try.

CleverKite vs. MediaTemple Comparison

I will be comparing plans that have similar pricing; CleverKite’s Super Plan and MediaTemple’s first plan.
– CleverKite offers 3072MB burstable RAM verses MediaTemple’s 512MB Ram.
– CleverKite offers 60GB HD verses MediaTemple’s 30GB HD.
– CleverKite offers 16+ CPU cores verses MediaTemple’s 4 CPU cores.
– CleverKite offers Cpanel/WHM verses MediaTemple’s Plesk.

Setup Time

CleverKite had me up and going in under an hour with Cpanel/WHM installed. I have had previous hosts take almost 2 days to set this up. So under an hour is awesome! I received first email confirming order within a few seconds, 2nd email within a few minutes with SolusVM control panel access information, and a 3rd email about 35 minutes later with Cpanel/WHM access information.

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Control Panels

As stated on their website, “Every VS comes with access to our SolusVM control panel which allows you to fully manage all aspects of your VS including reboots/shutdowns, OS re-installations, bandwidth statistics, a direct serial console login and much more!” I found this control panel to be very easy to use and simple, which was perfect.

SolusVM control panel

They also offer Cpanel and WHM as an additional option. To be frank, Cpanel and WHM is simply a must for anyone hosting websites. I have been using Cpanel and WHM since 2002 and it has made my life so much easier.

Cpanel and WHM


Once I had my login information and the IP of my new server I did some testing. First I pinged my new server and was excited when I got back a 53ms response time. My old VPS was getting 95ms+ response time. I then logged into the SolusVM control panel and verified that yes, nothing was running on the server; my HD was at 1% and memory was only at 4%. They are not overselling their VPS plans like some places do. Once I migrated my blog over the difference was night and day.


I would highly recommend trying CleverKite and see what you think. They offer great support, a good price, and blazing fast VPS plans. If you have any questions feel free to comment.

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