VMWare – Delay VM Bootup Time

You will need to change a few things in your .vmx file for your virtual machine. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 the default location of your virtual machine is:

[vb]C:\Users\USER\Documents\Virtual Machines\VIRTUALMACHINENAME.vmx[/vb]

Delay VM Bootup Time

Step #1

Open up the .vmx file in notepad and add :

[vb]bios.bootDelay = "5000"
this adds a 5000 ms (5 seconds) delay at boot time
save the .vmx file[/vb]

or add:

Step #2 (Optional)

To force VM to enter the BIOS setup at next boot change the following:

[vb]bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"[/vb]

Escape will get you into the Boot Order and F2 will get you into the BIOS menu.

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