Using PerkStreet with Orders

When you are purchasing an item from and using your PerkStreet debit card, it will by default run your card as a debit transaction and not a credit, meaning you won’t get any perks.

Using PerkStreet

To make sure your card is run as credit (and that you get perks), follow the steps below.

Step 1

Login to and click on “Your Account” on the top right hand side. - Your Account

Step 2

Select “Manage Payment Options” under Payment Methods. - Manage Payment Options

Step 3

Select the payment method that you would like to change and click “Edit.” - Edit Payment

Step 4

Under the cardholder name, uncheck the box that is enabled for “Processed as Debit Card” and then hit “Confirm.”

Amazon - Process as debit card

Your PerkStreet debit card will now be run as credit and you will receive perks. Enjoy!

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