windows 10 drivers autoupdate disable

Turning off automatic update on Windows 10 drivers

This is Windows reaction after connected to a new gadget: it strives for the installation of the right kind of drive and later uses Window updates. In a number of cases, this approach maybe only last resort as the installation of the newest driver’s version is authenticated by Microsoft. But sometimes, there are cases when users prefer to use the older version and do not want the driver update.

Windows 10 sometimes avert using the update system drivers. Here are several known procedures:

These are the easiest ways to disable a driver update on the system settings on the hardware tab.

  1. Click keyboard shortcut Win + X and press the System.
  2. Press Advanced Setting System at the left panel
  3. Watch what appears in the window; click Hardware then the Device Installing Settings.
    windows 10 drivers autoupdate
  4. You are now looking at the setting device, choose the number on what to do next and the driver must never be installed from the update Window.
    windows 10 auto drivers update
  5. Save changes you have made and then reboot.

Use the Group Policy to disable driver update with Window update as it is easier through configure on multiple machines:

  1. Press key combination Win + R then type gpedit.msc in the dialog box.
  2. Starting Group Policy Editor go to the Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System->
  3. Look for policy names in Prevent Installation devices where other policies are described.
    windows 10 drivers local group
  4. Turn on the policy (“Enabled”) and save the changes
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Update the registry after switching off the driver.

These steps will disable the driver after the home versions of Windows not belonging to Group Policy Editor.

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