Top Ten WordPress Plugins – September 2013

There are literally a couple thousand WordPress plugins out there to choose from. These plugins make your dream website or blog come to life. There are plugins that help users gain subscribers, manage their social networks, and add some extra boost to their websites.

The problem is that with so many options, it becomes nearly impossible to figure out what plugins are worth the trouble installing. Here is the September 2013 list of useful wordpress plugins .

FormCraft– Many types of websites and blogs can benefit from adding forms to their sites. Forms can include surveys or questionnaires. But, this isn’t your usual one dimensional gray scale form. This plugin allows you to create beautiful forms with eye catching photos. You can also check your forms statistics on the WordPress Dashboard.


Emma Boxes – This plugin is perfect for bloggers. Emma Boxes allows the user to select content to create various boxes that displays whatever they would like. This is a great plugin for bloggers that want to display what’s to come or what’s new on their site all at once.

WordPress Social Stream – Social media is a huge part of having a successful business, website, or blog. This plugin feeds into this theory by allowing users to build a social media wall. All of your social media interactions will be displayed in a single area with a visually pleasing design.

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WordPress Social Stream

MyMail– Newsletters via email are an effective marketing tactic that brings email subscribers back to your site. You can communicate with your readers all at once seamlessly. With this plugin, users are able to create email campaigns, send and track them.

Magic Member– Have you ever visited a site that allows you to view a portion of their content but will not allow you to view the rest of it unless you are a member? It is an effective way to gain a loyal readership or return users. This plugin allows users to create a paid premium members only portion of their site. Whats even better is that this plugin comes with features that helps you transform that portion of your blog into a premium site for your members.

Magic Member

Social Image Hover for WordPress– Sometimes, when you are browsing through your favorite site, you see something that you want to pin on Pinterest, share on Facebook, or tweet on Twitter. The only issue is that you can’t find the social media button that you want. With this plugin, that will be a thing of the past for your site. Social Image Hover for WordPress allows users to create an easy to use sharing system. Readers will simply hover over an image that they want to share and buttons for the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will appear. This makes for seamless sharing.

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Social Image Hover for WordPress

Jetpack– This is a well known WordPress plugin that improves on the functionality of your entire site. This plugin bundle improves site stats, mobile theme, integrating subscribers, and much more.


WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support– When your customers or clients need to get in touch with you and are unable to do so via telephone, an online chat is a great and quick way to do so. This plugin allows you to chat with your clients and there is no monthly fee on your part.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

Event Calendar – If you are running a site that frequently hosts events, you want your readers to be in the know of what is to come. This popular plugin is just the one for that.

iMapper– This is an ideal plugin for apparel sales sites or websites that sell any items with details. iMapper allows users to pin information to an image which is a great way to convey certain details to your potential customers.