Top 5 ways we are being entertained online

The World Wide Web keeps millions of people entertained every day and has become the main hub of commercial and personal activity. It has transformed the modern world and connects people from all over the planet. With the onset of mobile smartphones and tablets also providing instant access also, it has never been so easy to get yourself online.

5 ways we are being entertained online

There are plenty of ways for the average consumer to be entertained when they connect to the internet; below is a list of our top five:

Online Streaming

On demand TV and online streaming sites such as Netflix have changed the way we watch our favourite programs. Instead of waiting for a scheduled program to start, it has put in control of when and where we can view media. The worry about missing shows on television has disappeared as terrestrial channels in the UK all offer a catch-up service for free. Although some online streaming sites charge a subscription fee, the vast amounts of films, documentaries and TV series’ on offer can keep you entertained for hours. YouTube is another extremely popular website where users upload and view videos in their millions on a daily basis.

New Media

New media is a concept developed from the ability we have to electronically interactive with the items we are watching. As opposed to ‘old media’ in the form of newspapers and magazines, new media refers to how we participate in using the internet via computers, phones or tablets and connect with other users or the media itself. In example, e-mail or chat room communication is classed as new media along with using a voting app for a TV program.

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Social Media

Social media sites, notably Facebook and Twitter, have dominated the way we use the internet in recent years. Millions of people log on daily and spend considerable time interacting on the sites. More recently, the conception of memes has taken over the way advertisers display their campaigns through social media. These memes are different types of new media, be it a video, picture or audio link, which spreads rapidly online. Businesses and companies are spending more time with social media, creating content & great videos to promote their products & services, so companies like Seveer Media are growing to meet their needs and make the videos.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is not a new idea but has been developed majorly in the last few years. Playing against another human being is more appealing than against the computer and high speed broadband connections have made this possible, even with complicated games across long distances. Modern games such as Call of Duty and Angry Birds attract high level of interest, whilst more traditional pastimes such as Scrabble, chess and poker can also be played online.

News Websites

The majority of people in the UK are now getting their news fix via online newspaper websites instead of buying physical copies. With busy work hours or hectic home lifestyles, the ease of reading news online has appealed to more people over time. Being able to watch videos and post comments on the latest stories is another advantage, keeping us both entertained and connected with the world around us.

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The internet holds a seemingly endless source of information and media to keep us entertained throughout the day. The age of new media for which the internet plays a massive role has brought us closer together, allowing us to interact with random people as well as personal friends.

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