Things Microsoft Forgot with Windows 8 and WP8

Now don’t get me wrong, we are a full supporter of Microsoft products as seen by our blog posts, so I apologize if this seems like a rant. We have been running Windows 8 since the first dev preview and also have WP8 phones. This is just a list of things we can’t understand why Microsoft left out/forget to keep with the move to Windows 8 and WP8.

Windows 8 and WP8

Maybe they should have waited another year, because almost everything below is a step backwards in time.

Windows 8

  • Do I need to mention the issue of doing a windows search and having to switching between apps, settings, and files (where is the option to turn back on universal search)? And yes the app Start8 fixes this, but why should we have to install a 3rd party app when this worked beautifully before in Windows 7.
  • The Skype client on Windows 8 doesn’t block background noise in relation to speaker direction (which Microsoft Live Messenger always has)
  • Skype Client doesn’t have copy/paste of images or media
  • Skype needs to be integrated into the messaging hub
  • Xbox Music is almost useless in it’s current state.


  • ** Update as of January 23, 2013 ** – Nokia Drive now out for all WP8 phones – download here – Bing Navigation was removed from WP8 because of the deal with Nokia navigation, but now they are only doing that exclusive to Nokia phones and all other brands are left with no navigation!
  • The To Do list on your phone doesn’t sync with your Live account calendar (how can you see them on your computer?)
  • Where did the FM radio go? I have friends who took their old windows phones to the gym and would tune in to the TV while jogging.
  • How do you sync music to your phone automatically? Where did Wireless Sync go? Do we need to write a tutorial now on syncing your Zune library to WP8 explorer? (There is an app in beta from Microsoft called Windows Phone app which gives us some functionally back, but still no wireless sync which was there before, and now its two apps instead of one – Windows Phone App Download)
  • No ability to play .wav files? For businesses this is a letdown because of voicemail messages in attachments.
  • No ability to change IP address manually or disable auto-rotate?
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Are there more features we have missed in the list above? If so, please comment below and we will add them. Please share this post with anyone you know who owns Microsoft products, the more eyes that see this means the more chance of Microsoft doing something about it. Thanks!

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  • Pete Burkindine

    Also, the Metro mail client is not ready for prime time. It offers minimal account options and doesn’t throw descriptive errors. Windows Live Mail was quite a bit better.

    • Agreed. The metro mail client at least for my purposes is almost useless lol.