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The Negatives with Xbox Music, Spotify, and Rdio Music Subscriptions

Xbox Music – Spotify – Rdio With all of the music subscriptions out there it is hard to choose between them. Honestly the best thing to do is try each for a month and see which one fits you best. If you are a heavy mobile user, the app

Scrobble from Zune Software to Last.fm

I think Last.fm is a great social networking tool; however I don’t like using their website to listen to music. I have a Zune Pass and so I am always using the Zune software to listen to my music. Below are instructions on setting up your computer’s Zune Software

Zune Marketplace is Slow – Quick Fix

If you are reading this then you are probably wondering why our Zune Marketplace is so slow even though you have a fast internet connection. Well, this seems to have been a bug ever since the software came out; and it seems to be random. Here is the fix.

A media usage rights error has occurred…

The dreaded Microsoft Zune Software error. “A media usage rights error has occurred. For help fixing this problem, click Web Help. Error Code C00D12F5” I have received this message a few times after reformatting or moving things around. Here are the instructions to fix it. Step 1 Download the

Sync Zune Pass Subscription

I have had a Zune Pass subscription for quite some time now and love it for downloading and organizing my music. Zune Software Instructions I have the x64 Zune software installed on my home computer, work computer, and laptop; so I am using the three total already that you