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How to Truncate SQL Server 2012 Transaction Logs

Transaction logs in SQL Server 2012 tend to grow over time, which can sometimes fill all your available disk space. To avoid this, SQL Server has a log truncating operation (free up space in the logical log for reuse of the transaction log). Log files truncate automatically, depending on

Renaming a Computer with SQL Server Instance

After SQL Server installation internal SQL Server is based on the host computer name. However, when you are changing the host name, old SQL server name in the metadata (stored in sys.servers ) is not updating automatically. But you don‘t need to reinstall it completely to change the name

Applications deployment by Make and Model using MDT 2013 with SQL

In this article we will show you guys how to configure your SQL database within MDT 2013 Update 1 and configure it to start using the Make and Model section of the database to push out applications by make and model during your deployment. The only way that we know

Creating a SQL view/record for PSQuery

Have you every been annoyed by creating a query in PIA, using PSQuery? The easier way to do it is to create a new record, turn that into a view, and then query the record in PSQuery. Instructions are below. PSQuery – View Step 1 Open up app designer

SQL Developer – Use tnsnames.ora file

This is a short tutorial on showing you how to setup SQL developer to use your tnsnames.ora file for new connections. SQL Developer In this example I am using SQL Developer Release 3. Step 1 While in SQL Developer, browse to Tools, then to Preferences. Step 2 Then expand

How to Migrate your WordPress 3 Blog

This is a short guide on how to migrate your WordPress 3 Blog to a new server or host, using the least amount of steps possible. I just moved 4 big WordPress blogs this weekend and these steps worked great. Migrate your WordPress 3 Blog to new server or