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Add Featured Image to Top of WordPress Post

A lot of theme developers don’t add in the ability to have your featured image automatically display at the top of your WordPress post. The last thing you want to do is to set your featured image and then have to link/insert it again at the top of each

Show Featured Images in Your WordPress RSS Feed

This is a quick and easy solution to adding your large featured images from your posts into your WordPress RSS Feed. This also works for Feedburner. It’s a great way to add some color to your Feed and also if you are using an email subscription service such as

Display Pingbacks on WordPress Posts with Disqus Comment System

Pingbacks and trackbacks are no longer supported in Disqus 2012. Mentions via twitter are, but not pingbacks or trackbacks. The pingbacks are still being stored in the native WordPress database. After a little searching and a little PHP, I managed to put together something that looks fairly decent. And

WAMP – osTicket short_open_tag

WAMP – osTicket Just installed WAMP for a small side project. Was installing osTicket and kept getting the short_open_tag is not enabled when trying to run the installer. Here is the correct path for the php.ini that osTicket installer is looking at. [vb]C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\bin[/vb] Also, make sure you reboot your

Open new instance of Notepad++

I have been using Notepad++ for years and still prefer it to most other source code editors, especially when it comes to web development. Its a great program that both Brian and I use everyday and recommend to anyone out there needing a good, solid code editor. However, one