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I Forgot my iPhone Passcode. What Now?

If you’ve forgotten the PIN on your iPhone or iPad and haven’t set up Touch ID, the only thing you can do to regain access to your device is to reset it. Unfortunately, this means losing everything you’ve stored on it, although you can restore from backups if you

How to Hide Text Messages on the iPhone (Turn Off SMS Preview)

If you’re the owner of an Apple iPhone you definitely know about this feature called SMS Text Preview, which shown the name of the sender together with a preview of the message itself on the main screen whenever you receive a new message. While this can be useful feature

5 Bad iPhone Habits

We all pick up bad habits in life, especially when it comes to using software and technology, which we learn to use on our own, most of the time without proper guidance. These habits can be difficult to shake, particularly when you don’t even know they’re harmful in the

Recover iPhone Contacts With iCloud

Apple’s iCloud is a huge cloud storage and cloud computing service with hundreds of millions of customers around the world. It can store your contacts, but also all sorts of data like documents written in Google Docs or Microsoft Office apps for iOS, photos, emails, and calendar data. Recover

iPhone is Disabled Solution

If you’ve installed any kind of security feature on you mobile device, you’ll have to enter a password to make it work. It is entirely possible you forget that password, and if you fail to enter the security code a number of times, your iPhone is disabled, rendering it

How to Recover Data from Inactivated iPhone with IOS 7 beta (Windows 7 version)

On October 6th, Apple decommisioned the beta version of IOS 7 resulting in thousands if not millions of iPhones not working. There was no update or popup message on the iPhone informing the user about this coming apocalypse. If you upgraded your Apple device with an IOS 7 beta