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How to Download an APK File From Google Play

There are plenty of reasons you’d want to download APK files to your device and only install them later. You might want to avoid certain country restrictions, or you simply could be low on disk space. Regardless, you can always download and store lots of APK files on your

How to Use Your Google Calendar in the Windows 10 Calendar App

Though not entirely novel, the Calendar app has been heavily modified with the release of Windows 10, so much so that it appears as one of the operating system’s best new features. One of the great things about it is the fact that it works really well with a

Google Hangout Not Sending Invitation Emails

Google Hangouts If you reached this article you are probably trying to host a Google hangout. The first thing you did was probably email some of your friends. If some of your friends tell you they never received the email, you are not crazy, it’s because their email system

Google AdWords Bulk Edit Keywords to Match Est. Top Page Bid

Google AdWords This is a short tutorial on how to bulk edit your keywords in a campaign to match the estimated top page bid. Nobody has time to go through all the keywords individually. **Please note, this doesn’t take into consideration, bidding higher on exact match types verses phrase/broad

New Amazing Google Plus WordPress Widget

Google Plus Widget We don’t normally go over new WordPress plugins, but this new one (released two days ago) was created by MyThemeShop, who also created our WordPress theme; and it is amazing! It is a Google Plus widget. After trying it out, we thought we would share our

Google AdSense Ads not showing in IE10

As many bloggers have noticed recently with the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, Google AdSense ads are no longer showing in the browser. By default IE10 blocks AdSense ads. While this is great for end users, it isn’t so great for bloggers who rely on some ads to

Hide the Black Bar on Google+

If you have been trying out Google+ recently then you might be annoyed by the black bar at the top. Follow the instructions below to make the black bar into a white bar. It doesn’t make much sense to hide it completely because there are notifications within that bar.