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How to login as Administrator if you don’t know Password

Today we are going to show you how to login as administrator in Windows 10 by using built-in administrator account. This account is already on Windows 10, so we are going to change the password to log into it. Let’s get started. Right click on the Start menu and

How to fix Internet connection problem for Windows 10 users

Hello guys! In this article we will show you how to fix internet connection problems in Windows 10. The problem is sometimes you will have a yellow triangle (no internet access) as your network icon. It’s just showing you that there is no connection or the connection is unidentified.

Customize Command Prompt in Windows 10

Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about the Command Prompt. A lot of you probably don’t know that you can customize your Command Prompt in Windows 10. So, we will show you how to do it. Let’s start. Click on the Start button and choose Command Prompt

Find the IP Address of your Wireless Router Management Page

This is a short tutorial on how to find the IP address of your Wireless Router management page. Maybe you have tried the default already or and it isn’t working. Or maybe you are trying to locate the Wireless Router’s management page at a business and nobody

How to Cancel Chkdsk if Stuck in a Loop

If you tried running chkdsk and have been having issues with a bad virus or malware, it is possible that chkdsk could fail and get stuck in a loop. Follow the instructions to disable/cancel check disk so that that computer won’t be constantly rebooting. Chkdsk Step 1 You will

Remotely Restart Computer When There is No Restart Option

Whether you are logged in via RDP or group policy has removed the restart option, there are always times you might want to manually restart the computer. We use this on a daily basis. Restart Computer Remotely Step 1 Launch Command Prompt from the start menu by searching CMD

Restart networked PC remotely

First off, you will need administrative rights on the machine you are trying to reboot and make sure you are able to ping it. Step 1 Start > Run, Type shutdown -i Step 2 Select shutdown or restart

Ping returns IPv6 Address, ping IPv4?

If you are on the same network, or Vlan, or subnet as someone else you will probably notice that if you ping their hostname it will return with a IPv6 address. If you want to still see what their IPv4 address is then simply use the command below: Simply